April 30, 2021: Weekly Roundup

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the week of April 30th, 2021. Check out what’s happening in:


Program Planning Tools

Benevity Impact Labs Reports

  • To accompany The State of Corporate Purpose report that we published last week, we've also added three previously released Benevity Impact Labs reports to the B-Hive. Whether your looking to read these reports for the first time or if you just need a refresher, they're all available for you in one convenient section.


In the Loop

In Case You Missed It

  • We sent an email update this week on what’s happening with India’s changing regulations for charitable contributions, and how those shifts affect your programs. If you didn't happen to receive this email, or if it got lost in your inbox, you can also read the update here!

Regulatory Updates

  • We've published a stand-alone article with an attached list of eligible nonprofits in India. This article will be updated with a new list on a regular basis.


Content and Campaign Resources

COVID-19 Crisis in India

  • India is facing a massive healthcare catastrophe as the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak ravages the country. Over a three-week period in April, case counts tripled and deaths mounted. By April 28, the disease had claimed more than 200,000 lives and infections were surging past 300,000 every day. 

    We've created these resources to help you and your people support causes that are bringing critical medical supplies, including oxygen, to India, and working on the front-lines of the public health response to save lives.

    These resources include:

    • Giving opportunities and news items based around US and Indian causes
    • Causes and cause project recommendations for US and Indian organizations supporting the public health response
      • All India causes have the necessary banking information for their FCRA and non-FCRA accounts
    • Images sized for Spark giving opportunities and cover story

Upcoming Content Highlights

  • See what’s running in your Spark sites each week with this handy Trending Now calendar. We've recently created one new unified calendar that shows all three supported countries in a single view. This week the following content will be featured:
    USA: COVID-19 Crisis in India
    Canada: COVID-19 Crisis in India
    UK: COVID-19 Crisis in India


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