April 9, 2021: Weekly Roundup

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the week of April 9th, 2021. Check out what’s happening in:


Community Forums

General Discussion

  • A client spotlight was shared in the community this week! Gibson Energy's Benevity CSM, Jennifer, shared some key highlights, like their amazing participation rates and how leadership buy-in has been instrumental in the success of their program! 
  • Autumn is looking for some input into policy language around what to do in the event of an employee who mistakenly makes (or doesn't realize they've made) a recurring deduction and wants the dollars returned.
  • Nadia is preparing to launch Spark and would love to hear some tips and tricks for boosting engagement when launching as well as any pitfalls to be aware of.
  • Kelly and the team at the World Bank Group is considering replacing t-shirts with masks this year for their volunteer giveaways. 

Open Forum


In the Loop

Benevity Buzz

  • The March edition of the Benevity Buzz was sent out last week. It features new resources for National Volunteer Week and Earth Day, top trends from Goodness Matters and the new content calendar.


Product News

Product Updates: Release Notes

  • Find out about new updates and upcoming changes across Benevity products this month, in the newly posted April 2021 release notes.


Content and Campaign Resources

Mental Health Month

  • May is Mental Health Month in the United States, and in 2021 the goal is to “provide the tools to thrive.” We've created a giving opportunity to support key mental health organizations in the US, Canada and the UK that are helping people right now, and long after the pandemic passes. The goal is to strive for resiliency and well-being, even in the face of an ongoing health crisis.

  • These resources include:
    • Giving opportunities and news items for the US, Canada and the UK
    • Cause recommendations for national organizations in all three countries that are connection people with resources, services, treatment and support
    • Images sized for Spark giving opportunities and cover story

Upcoming Content Highlights

  • See what’s running in your Spark sites each week with this handy Trending Now calendar. We've recently created one new unified calendar that shows all three supported countries in a single view. This week the following content will be featured:
    USA: Earth Day
    Canada: Earth Day
    UK: Earth Day


Program Planning Tools

Resources and Templates


Goodness Matters

Goodness Matters Virtual Content Available Now!

  • Content from our Goodness Matters conference that took place at the beginning of March is now available on the B-Hive! We've published a bunch of fresh content from the client and product breakouts as well as the executive talks and industry sessions. In each of these articles you can find presentation decks, session notes and recordings of the actual presentation.


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