FAQs on application forms

How do I make changes to the questions on the form?

Send your changes to grants@benevity.com and CC your Client Success Manager.

What’s the best way for me to share a new application form with a cause?

  1. Go to your forms site.
  2. At the top of the page, select Actions and then Share a blank application.
  3. Copy the link and email it to the cause.

What’s the best way for me to send an existing application back for edits? 

Open your Benevity Grants site and select Ask for revisions, listed in the Actions section of every page. For more detailed info, check out our article on how to resubmit a grant request.

Can I export all the questions?

No. The best way to see all questions is to move through the navigation bar at the top of the form. Although this is currently outside of the scope of our forms platform, we do know it’s a common request so we’re looking into solutions. If this an important feature for your program, let your Client Success Manager know so that they can let other teams know!

If applicants run into technical issues, who can they contact for help?

To view a list of common FAQs, and to contact Benevity for technical support, applicants can select Help at the bottom of the page. If the FAQs don’t answer their question, they can select Contact Us at the top of the help page. This will send a request to Benevity’s support team who will follow up with the applicant directly via email.


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