Microsoft: Bringing customers into your CSR journey and infusing purpose into your product


Urmi Bhayani - Program Manager, Give with Bing, Microsoft
Altaf Gilani - Head of Product, Microsoft Rewards, Give with Bing and Bing Rebates

Give With Bing, a new feature launched in 2020, is reinventing how people give back — one search at a time! It allows people to earn Microsoft Rewards points by  searching on Microsoft Bing. The rewards earned by the user are automatically donated at the end of each month to one of 1.4 million eligible nonprofits, chosen by the user. This session will cover the inspiration and strategy behind Give with Bing and the virtuous cycle that can help individuals, your company and the nonprofits who receive these donations make a bigger impact.


Download the accompanying slide deck and session notes for this presentation!


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