Privacy and security FAQs for Activity Streams

Below you'll find a list of privacy and security FAQs on Activity Streams. For any other questions, connect with your Benevity CSM or email the Benevity app team at

And your users have access to their own FAQs! They can open the Spark Help Centre and search or scroll down to the Benevity App: Photos section. There they will find common questions on how to upload photos, report photos, view photos and delete photos.



Are the photos visible on the web?

  • Yes, administrator or management features are available to allow users to view photos on your program's website.

What if someone uploads something inappropriate?

  • Every photo that is uploaded can be reported by another user. If a photo is reported, it is immediately removed from employee view. You and other program managers will be notified. You can then review the photo (and the reason it was reported) to determine if the photo is reinstated or remains hidden.

What about photo releases?

  • We provide a platform to collect and view photos within the program, but use outside the platform is governed by your company policies. You can choose which employees have access to download posts. If you do not grant anyone this access, the original posts remain within the platform. If you receive permission from employees to use the photos internally and/or externally, you can grant a team member access to download the original content to use in your communications.

Do the photos contain any sensitive information?

  • When a photo is taken, metadata is included that may contain location information, captions or keywords that were manually or automatically added, as well as information about the camera. When a photo is added to Activity Streams, a new version of the image is created with the extra metadata removed. This ensures that private information in the metadata cannot be accessed by program managers or people viewing the photos on the web.

What happens if the Public Profile Preview is disabled when Activity Streams is on?

  • Past posts (done when the Public Profile Preview was enabled) will continue to display the profile picture and name that was in use when the post was created. New posts that are added will display "A Volunteer" as the name.

Which name appears on the post?

  • The <firstname> and <lastname> will appear, unless a preferred name exists.

How long are photos retained?

  • Posts will be retained as long as your company remains active with Benevity (even if the feature is enabled and disabled). If a post is deleted by an administrator or the owner of the post, the photo(s) will also be deleted.


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