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Finding ways to connect an increasingly disbursed and remote workforce has become more important than ever—and Activity Streams will help you do just that. This new feature in the Benevity app lets people upload and share photos of their volunteering experiences, making it a more social and connected experience for everyone.

This feature is currently in development and is available for early access. You can follow this page for access to product updates as they are released.

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What are Activity Streams? 

With Activity Streams, app users can upload and share photos of their volunteering experiences right from their phone’s camera roll. The photos will appear within the volunteer opportunity, as well as a social feed (or activity stream) under the Discover tab in the app.

Just like photo sharing on social media, people will be able to upload, caption and post their volunteering photos!

As a program manager, you will have full access to review, manage and download the images that are added. This will provide full control over what is shared and will enable you to further use the images to promote upcoming initiatives or in impact reporting.



How Activity Streams can help you and your people

We know that volunteering is a great way to connect people to each other, their communities and their companies — but when you have employees working from home, in retail, in factories or disbursed all over the world, how do you create that connected experience?

Leveraging Activity Streams on the Benevity app allows your people to share the good they’re doing and see the good their co-workers are doing, adding an important social element to the experience. And enabling people to share their personal passions with each other leads to more connected and engaged employees who also become powerful advocates for your program. Activity Streams is a great way to:

  • A great volunteering experience doesn’t have to be an in-person team event. Being able to invite co-workers into personal experiences through photos sharing can actually create a deep sense of connectedness that is felt by more people.
  • Just like other social platforms, people are eager to share what they’re doing in the moment and check back to see what other people are posting, which encourages a Goodness loop of logging in and engaging more often (yay to higher participation and impact!).
  • Real-time photo sharing turns your people into Goodness influencers that start that virtuous cycle described above. The more people share, the more they and others get inspired to do more. And as a program manager, you’ll be able leverage the “influence” and collection of moments to help promote your program to your people, your leaders or the public, without a lot of effort on your part. 


How your people can use Activity Streams

Below is quick overview of a few simple ways your people can use Activity Streams. If you want to learn more, please be sure to visit the how-to articles that have been added to the Spark Help Centre.

  • They can upload a photo through the volunteer opportunity from their phone.
  • They can add captions to tell their impact story.
  • They can view images across all volunteer opportunities in the Discover tab.
  • They can like or add comments to photos. This starts a virtuous cycle where folks are excited to share, engage and do more good!
  • And as a program manager, you can bulk manage the photo uploads and download them to promote your program. This helps you show impact in a compelling way to leadership, back to your people, and even to your external communities.


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