February 19, 2021: Weekly Roundup

Here is a list of what’s new, what’s been updated and what’s being discussed on the B-Hive during the week of February 19th, 2021. Check out what’s happening in:


Community Forums

General Discussion

  • Joanne from Jacobs has graciously shared her company's 'ambassador handbook' in hopes that it will help others in growing their own ambassador programs. It consists of everything from quick links and responsibilities, to 'how to' functions and jargon busters and much more. Be sure to check out this great resource!
  • Sticking with the topic of ambassador programs, Benevity CSM Kathryn has started a conversation for those with an ambassador program in place or those who are looking to implement one. She has posted a few questions to consider to help kick things off.


  • Kami from Micron has replied to an older thread on volunteer time off policies and has shared her own company's policy. Feel free to jump in and share the policies at your own company!


Knowledge Base

Benevity Grants: Getting Started

  • We've added a new info sheet so that you can familiarize yourself with Benevity Grants. Be sure to check it out and share with your teams to get started! 


Content and Campaign Resources

Disaster and Crisis Response: Southern U.S. Winter Storms 2021

  • Deadly winter storms have swept across the southern United States, claiming at least 59 lives and knocking out power to millions of residents. Bitter cold has descended on Texas and spread over a wide area where people are unaccustomed and unprepared for severe weather. We've created a giving opportunity and news item to help you create disaster response appeals.
  • These resources include:
    • A giving opportunities and news item 
    • Cause recommendations for major U.S.-based relief organizations and local causes in some of the hardest-hit cities focused on bringing immediate relief and assistance to people without power, water or shelter
    • Images sized for Spark and cover story
  • We are continuing to research and work with causes supporting the relief and recovery efforts across the region and expect to update these resources in the coming days with more recommendations.

International Women's Day 2021

  • March 8 is International Women’s Day, which is meant to spread the call for equality worldwide. This year’s theme, #ChooseToChallenge, includes the demand for improved education, health and advocacy in both the developing and developed world. It is a massive challenge, and we must choose to take it up. We've created resources to help you and your people support gender equity and women's rights.
  • These resources include:

    • Four giving opportunities:

      • Help expand gender equity around the world

      • Help women and girls become truly successful – Mentorship and STEM opportunities for young women

      • Women's Health

      • Economic independence and professional development

    • Cause recommendations for each opportunity for the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
    • News items
    • More than 20 images sized for Spark giving opportunities and cover story

Planning your International Women’s Day Missions content

  • We've added a new article with ideas to use Missions to raise awareness around your International Women's Day initiatives, with an outline suggestion for creating your own content.

Giving Tuesday 2020

Upcoming Content Highlights

  • See what’s running in your Spark sites each week with these handy Trending Now calendars. Next week the following content will be featured:
    USA: Black History Month, Southern U.S. Winter Storms
    Canada: Black History Month
    UK: World Cancer Day 2021


Goodness Matters

General Information

  • You've registered for Goodness Matter Virtual... now what? We are collecting all the information in one spot, so that you can keep track of the things you need and plan for. 
  • Be sure to answer a few questions by Tuesday, Feb. 23, so we can connect you with other changemakers from the powerhouse brands who have already registered. You can start networking and sharing ideas the moment the conference begins.


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