Manage your reviews

To manage your reviews, open the request or invitation and go to the Review tab. Viewing responses, reading comments, exporting reviews or reminding users to complete their review are just a few of the things you can do here.

For a grant request, the tab is broken out into three subtabs: Overview, Reviews and Comments. For an invitation, you’ll see just the comments. We’ll go over those three subtabs in more detail below.


In Overview, you'll find a summary on the completed and ongoing reviews, a tally on the number of comments, as well as a section highlighting the most recent activity.


If you have users who still need to finish their reviews, you can send them an email reminder by selecting Remind users assigned to review.

Scroll down a bit further and you’ll find a table outlining all of the reviews.


Within the table of reviews, select View to read the responses of the assigned users.

Select Export PDF to download a summary document of the review. If the review is a scored review, you’ll also be able to export the information as a CSV spreadsheet.


In Reviews, you'll find a list of all reviews, no matter the type, on the request. The date of the review, the user who completed it, and their review score (if applicable) will be displayed.


For the scored reviews, select View full review to read the responses and scores. Note, you must have permissions set up to view the full reviews. Contact your Benevity Client Success Manager if you need access.

Users with the correct permissions can delete a review by selecting Delete. When the request is in final status—approved, declined or cancelled—the review cannot be deleted.

Here’s what a full review might look like:



In Comments, you'll find a list of all comments on the request, including who made the comment and when they made it.

A reminder that, similar to reviews, comments cannot be deleted when the request or invitation is in a final status of approved, declined or cancelled.



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