Make a recommendation

A recommendation is a review type that allows assigned Grants Users to make their recommendation for why a request should be advanced or rejected. The Grants Admin will then use the recommendation to help them make the final decision.



Before you start the review, go to the request's Admin tab and confirm the following:

  • Recommendation is listed as the Review type.
  • The users doing the review are listed under Assigned to.




  1. Open the request.
  2. Select Start review.

  3. You'll now make your recommendation in the Review window.

      • To recommend the request be advanced, add a comment in the text box and select Advance.

      • To recommend the request be rejected, add a comment in the text box, select Reject and choose your reason why.

  4. Before you complete your recommendation, double check your decision in the Confirmation window.

  5. Your recommendation is now complete! You’ll automatically be taken to the Review tab, where you can view and manage all reviews for the request. 


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