Getting started with Spark

Spark, Benevity’s employee engagement solution, offers people a single destination to take action in ways that matter to them, whether it’s volunteering, giving or taking positive action. It’s powered by Benevity—but empowered by you.

Watch the video below to see Spark in action, and scroll down to learn more about its core features.

Spark's core features


Easily create fundraisers to share with coworkers, friends, family and social networks. Thanks to corporate matching and peer matching, donations are amplified automatically.


There's more than 7.5 million ways to get involved, including tons of virtual and skills based options. Automated rewards or volunteer grants can help recognize efforts and boost participation.


Missions empowers and motivates people to make an impact through gamified and easy-to-complete activities. Whether it’s taking shorter showers or registering to vote, Missions activities can promote awareness, build new habits and encourage socially conscious behavior.

Benevity app

The Benevity app helps you reach more people by meeting them where they are, in the moment. It makes it easy to access your corporate purpose initiatives right from their phone, so anyone, anywhere can volunteer, donate and take positive actions whenever they’re most inspired.

Interested in expanding your program? Speak to your Benevity Client Success Manager!

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