Send or schedule a survey

Send follow-up surveys, via email, to grantees so that you can learn more about your investments and tell your company’s impact story. You can send out follow-up surveys immediately or choose a specific date in the future to send them.


  1. Open the grant request and go to the Follow-up tab.
  2. Select Schedule or send a new survey.


  3. Fill in the form. The grantee’s contact details will be pre-filled. All fields are mandatory, except those marked as optional. 
  4. The email subject line will pre-fill with some information, but you can write your own by using the text box or the merge tags.

    Tip: Try out the merge tags! The tags will pull the information from the request into the email. In the screenshot below, the tags for grant name and survey type were added.


  5. Next step, write your email message. You can use the text box and the merge tags just as you did for the subject line. Note, if you rewrite the email, just make sure you didn't accidentally remove the survey link!


  6. In the Timing section, choose to send the survey immediately or at a later date.
  7. In the Expiry section, choose to have the survey expire after one month or at a different date.
  8. Select Send.
  9. Your survey is done! The email will go out shortly, unless you chose to send it at a later date. To view the email, select Manage email under your Actions menu.


Want your surveys to go out automatically? We can help with that! Reach out to your Client Success Manager and to get started.

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