Managing budgets in Benevity Grants

The budgets feature in Benevity Grants allows you to choose a budget amount specific to your granting program and configure up to four tiers of budgets. You can view your annual budget amounts and usage in Benevity Grants to track and compare current and historical company spending. You can also edit current budgets and plan for future budgets. 

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View budget data

To access your budget data, select Tools > Budget.

You can select a year from the Budget for dropdown to view all budget data for that year. You can view historical, current, and future budget setup and usage if available. 

The budget table displays the following budget details:

  • % of Budget: The proportion of the parent tier allocated to a sub-tier budget. 
  • Unallocated budget: Amount of the parent tier budget that is not allocated to any sub-tier budget. 
  • Total budget: Total amount allocated to a budget. 
  • Paid: Total amount of payments with paid status that fall into this budget.
  • Unprocessed: Total amount of committed payments that have unprocessed or processing status.
  • Balance: Total budget – (paid + unprocessed).
  • Pending approval: Payments that have not yet been approved.
  • Working balance: Total budget – (paid + unprocessed + pending approval).

Budget tiers

Budgets can be configured up to a four-tier structure. Each budget tier is indicated by a color:

  1. Annual budget total = Dark Grey
  2. Tier 2 = Medium grey
  3. Tier 3 = Light grey
  4. Tier 4 = White

Within a budget tier, you can have an unlimited number of budgets.  


Edit budget data

Annual budget

Annual budget represents the total budget amount for the year selected, including individual sub-tier budgets. To revise the total annual budget:

  1. Enter the new amount in the Annual budget field
  2. Enter a Revision comment explaining the change for audit purposes.
  3. Select Revise next to the Annual budget field to confirm the change.

The audit log for annual budget revisions is displayed below the revision comment field. Audit log details include:

  • Revision number
  • Revision budget amount
  • Date of revision 
  • User email address 
  • Revision comment

Total budget amount 

The total budget amount allocated to a budget can be updated in the table directly:

  1. Choose the budget you want to update. 
  2. Enter a new amount in the Total budget column.
  3. Select Save at the bottom of the tier 2 budget block.


Exchange rates

If you manage budgets in multiple currencies, you should set company exchange rates for the purpose of budget allocation. The Annual budget total is always displayed in your default currency, however, other budget tiers can be configured in different currencies.

Suggested rates (Actual rate) are provided next to each Set rate currency field based on the daily exchange rate. Enter a rate and select Revise to apply a new rate. It is important to keep these rates updated. If no company rate is set, the conversion rate is 1:1. 

With set rates, you can see the conversion to default currency on any budget that is not in the default currency. Note that company-set exchange rates do not apply to payments or request amounts. 


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