The Big Book of Goodness: 2020 edition


25 Ways You Can Encourage Your People to Spread the Love

Your ultimate catalog for year-round giving, volunteering and small acts of goodness.

People are hard-wired to do good. They want to make a positive impact. And sometimes, all it takes is a bit of creativity to engage everyone in the ways they want and take your corporate purpose programs to new heights!


Download the catalog below for ideas on the following:

  • Events - Offering a variety of Goodness opportunities ensures your program is inclusive!

  • Volunteering - There are tons of ways to volunteer, and it’s a great way to help your people feel connected to one another, your company and your communities.

  • Gamification - Like board games with your family, but with way less tension! Learn about some ways to create a fun, gamified experience - and watch small, positive actions turn into big impact.

  • External impact - Do good and build brand awareness by sharing the goodness outside of your company.


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