YVR: A suitcase, more causes and a huge leap in participation!


YVR kicked off their annual fall giving campaign with a big goal and a mystery suitcase. They pledged to their employees that if they hit their goal of 40% participation, they would open the suitcase and everyone would be gifted with 'one of each' of whatever was inside. The intrigue!


A few highlights...

  • YVR's employees donated ~$70k to over 60 causes and, of course, exceeded their participation goal!!
  • They hit an amazing 43% participation rate and the contents of the suitcase was finally revealed....custom YVR socks! 


This is a great news story about how executive support, a great cross functional campaign team and a little bit of intrigue can work together to catalyze goodness! 


Watch their CEO make the reveal here! 


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