Get to know the B-Hive: Checklist

The B-Hive is Benevity’s online resource centre and community hub that you can access directly from Spark or Benevity Grants. It’s a space where you, as program leaders and owners, can go to get ideas and inspiration, as well as share ideas and learnings.

Think of the B-Hive as an extension of the support you get from our Client Success team at Benevity (but available to you online 24/7!). Here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Get familiar with the B-Hive’s home page
  2. Peruse the content available to you in the resource center
  3. Jump into the community to connect with your peers
  4. Stay updated with the 'Follow' functionality
  5. Get in touch! 

1. Get familiar with the B-Hive's home page

The home page of the B-Hive is important because it’s the page you’ll land on after signing in! And we’ve redesigned it recently to help you find more information quickly.

Using the search bar

Jump right into the B-Hive by using the search bar at the top of the home page! Searching here will search all content and articles on the resource center and any thread in the community. We recommend searching with specific keywords, as that will likely produce more content specific to your needs.

The quick-linking Icons


The dashboard icons are quick links just under the main banner image that highlight important and timely content. We’ve also added a quick link to the community to make connecting with your peers from here even easier.

These will change on a regular basis, depending on the type of content being added to the B-Hive!

The promoted articles 


The promoted articles section will highlight what’s new, what has been updated and what is most popular for that day or week.

This section will be changing frequently as we add and update content regularly on the B-Hive.

The categories


The category blocks on the main home page organize all of the content available on the B-Hive. All searchable content or anything highlighted using the dashboard icons or in promoted articles will live among these five or six categories.


2. Peruse the content available to you in the resource center

The resource center side of the B-Hive is full of knowledge and educational information. It’s where you can get notified about product updates and changes, and get connected with best practice resources and content for planning and including in your programs.

Stay connected and in the know

If you are at the beginning of your B-Hive journey, we recommend that you start with two sections dedicated specifically to keeping you in the know of all things happening on our products, within the B-Hive, and across our client community.

  • In the Loop is where you can find our monthly newsletter, see upcoming events and comb through the weekly roundup of B-Hive related updates!
  • Product News is dedicated to everything changing and shifting in our Benevity products. You’ll find upcoming product highlights, our product-focused webinars and our monthly release notes! 

Up-level your technical skills

If you are looking to up-level your technical skills when it comes to how to manage and perform certain administrative task in Grants or Spark, we suggest you dive into the Knowledge Base.

It's where you can find the nitty gritty on our features and functions. Find written articles and quick videos to help guide you on the checks and balances you’ll need to consider as a program leader using our products.

Check in with your CSM for specific articles and how-tos they think would most benefit you based on your site configurations! 

Inspiration and Guidance

If you need more tools for program inspiration and guidance, we’ve pulled together a collection of tools to help you blow your goals out of the water.

The Program Planning Tools section, is where you’ll find templates, inspirational client stories, helpful guides and webinars specific to helping your program grow!

Get good content... fast! 

Thanks to years of Benevity-collected data, we know that content is king when it comes to driving participation and engagement. And we also know that you already have a lot of your plate, which is why our team has done a lot of the leg work when it comes to content. 

In the Content and Campaign Resources section, we’ve pulled together content and activation kits for creating content, planning upcoming campaigns or when you need support in helping your people respond quickly when disaster strikes.

Relive the Goodness Matters magic

And lastly, find all of the resources and presentations from our annual conference and other local events throughout the year.

Download Goodness Matters assets (and catch a few videos) from previous years and watch this space for information for upcoming conferences and events!


3. Jump into the community to connect with your peers

One of the coolest benefits of joining the Benevity community is having access to the collective wisdom of all of its members! These are the humans behind the organizations who have tried, tested and have done it all when it comes to running a Goodness program.

The B-Hive was built with the intention of enabling that connection and activating that collaboration between us!

Getting Started is an area in the community dedicated to kicking off your community journey! It includes our community guidelines and a few tips and tricks we’ve discovered along the way — things like setting up a B-Hive profile and following other community influencers!

Other community topics (like General Discussion and COVID-19: Client Forum) are organized by topic of interest. Feel free to search for a topic of interest or start a new thread to ask questions or share your story with the community.


4. Stay updated with the 'Follow' functionality

The follow functionality in the B-Hive allows you to opt in to be notified via email when new articles or comments are posted in specific sections. You are welcome to follow any section you’d like; however, we recommend leveraging this functionality in the following sections: 

The Weekly Roundup under the In the Loop Section is a weekly article of all updates, changes and new conversations happening in the B-Hive. Following is an easy way for you to stay connected and in the know of any B-Hive content or conversations that may be relevant or of interest to you.


Get notified instantly when new content becomes available in the Disaster and Crisis Response or Issues, Awareness & Key Dates You’ll receive resources for activating campaigns, creating your own content and helping your people to respond quickly when there is a crisis.



5. Get in touch!

Do you have a story or a resource you'd like to share with us and the larger community? Reach out to to connect with our teams!


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