May 2020: How leading companies are re-thinking Pride


Pride 2020 has arrived and you might be wondering how your company can reimagine the celebration this year while supporting the LGBTQ+ community during COVID-19 and beyond.


Hear from:

  • Carleen Pickard - Ethical Campaigns Specialist, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
  • Petur Workman - Leadership North America, Accenture Interactive
  • Gopal Bansal - Senior Director Diversity and Inclusion, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Janelle St. Omer - Regional Vice President, Benevity

Join us as we chat with CSR pros from Lush, Accenture and RBC to find out: 

  • What these companies are doing for Pride this year
  • How you can show your support for Pride during the current remote reality
  • And more! 


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