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You can use advanced search to generate request lists based on filters you select. You can use these lists to create reports based on the data you most need, or to get a quick overview of what is most pressing in your program. 

Here’s an example of some of the data you can pull with advanced search: 

  • Requests that have not submitted follow-up surveys.
  • Requests that have been paid.
  • Requests that have incomplete payments.
  • Requests by budget.
  • Requests by time period.


How to save an advanced search

  1. Go to Tools > Advanced Search.

  2. Select the fields you want to filter by (you can select multiple fields by holding control or command and selecting the options you want to filter by). There are a number of different fields available, such as:
    • Date the request was submitted.
    • Date the request was paid.
    • Date the request was processed (when it moved to a final status of approved, cancelled, or declined). 
    • Requests by status type.
    • If request filled out a follow-up survey.
    • Requests sorted by assignee or owner.

  3. Select Save search at the bottom of the page, after choosing your fields.

  4. Provide a name for the search and decide if all other users can see the search in their account.

  5. Your search is saved! Navigate to the Saved searches dropdown at the top of the page, or your Dashboard’s Quick Searches section to run the search.


How to run an advanced search

There are two ways to run your search.

The first method is to go to Quick Searches on the Dashboard page, and select the search you want to run.


The second method is from within the Advanced Search page: 

  1. Go to Tools > Advanced Search.
  2. Choose your search from the Saved searches dropdown list.

  3. SelectSearch at the bottom of the page.


How to pull reports from your search results 

You can export detailed reports on your grant requests from the search results. After you run your advanced search, select Export and choose the report you want to download. If you have a lot of requests in your program, it may take a minute or two to download the file. 


What’s included in each report? 

  • Grant requests: CSV or PDF file with detailed request summaries. Includes contact information on the cause, project description, request amount, submitted date, and more. 
  • Cash payments: CSV file with detailed cash payment information. Includes data on budget, currency, payment amount, payment method, payment date, and more. 
  • Reviews: CSV file with detailed information on reviews. Includes data on who did the review, review type, review score, comments, and more.
  • In-kind payments: CSV file with detailed information on in-kind payments. Includes data on the type of in-kind items, quantity of items, unit values, total value, and more.
  • Surveys: CSV file with detailed survey information. Includes data on survey status, type, description, submission date, survey responses, and more. 


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