What's new in Benevity Grants?

Our teams have been hard at work, reimagining how Benevity Grants can further streamline the way you use technology to run your corporate granting program.

The enhancements will help you bring your strategy (and impact!) to life—from developing goals, to making the best decisions, to telling your story and building trusted relationships with your partner organizations.

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Streamline request management to help you scale your program

The dashboard puts every user front and center, so they know what they need to act on at a glance, with no support needed.Dashboard.png

Learn more about how to read your dashboard here.

Request lists have been improved with robust filters and viewing options, so you can find exactly the requests you need and take action on them — either on a per-request basis or in bulk.


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Application forms are 90% faster to build and update. They also include improved accessibility and new question types (e.g. data grids and checkbox lists) so you can gather the information you need.


Coming soon in Request Management...

We’ll be able to set up automated workflows in the system to support your processes, so each request will automatically move on to the next step whenever a task is completed, without any extra steps from you.


Add review checkpoints to help you make better granting decisions

Reviews are now completed using a dynamic overlay, so you can fill out a review form with critical application information in front of you.


Scored reviews now include several enhancements, including:

  • Multiple forms for different reviewer types and you can prevent users from seeing each other’s scores
  • Review Export, to compare the scores on a list of requests
  • You can generate a PDF report of scored reviews
  • Refreshed, intuitive interface that’s backed by robust weighting behind the scenes



Help you build and develop relationships with your cause partners

You can now view information from the Benevity Causes Portal right in the new Causes tab, including their verification status and configured payment options. Plus, if you have our Spark, Benevity’s employee engagement solution, you can also see data about how your employees have been engaging with an applicant cause, like:

  • Dollars donated by employees and the number of employees
  • Donation dollars matched by your company
  • Hours volunteered and the number of employees
  • Number of employee-created giving opportunities and volunteer opportunities


You’ll also have the option to show the internal vendor number you’ve attached to a cause in this tab.

Learn more about the Cause tab in a request.

With the enhanced invitation workflows, you can create a custom application experience for trusted cause partners that only asks for the key information you need from them. Your cause partners can also apply for grants in their own language with multilingual forms.

And finally, if you need more information from an applicant, you can send a grant request back for updates and edits. You’ll see the differences when it’s resubmitted and can then continue to move the request through your approval process.

Learn more about sending requests back to applicants for edits



Collect feedback for great storytelling

When you create a new follow-up survey, you can schedule the email to be sent at a later time and set an expiry date for the form. It also can be sent at any time to multiple recipients, without being tied to a payment or event. 

You can also have follow-up surveys sent automatically when a request is approved, based on rules that are appropriate for your program. These surveys will be sent to the right contact and based on timing that you choose. Once your responses are collected, you are able to easily create a PDF of the responses and pull contact information right into the body of an email.


Manage your users with ease

You can now add new users, duplicate users, deactivate users or assign a new role to an existing user — all without submitting a change request.

Learn more about how to manage your user list



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