Managing requests

You can filter, sort and manage all requests in your Benevity Grants platform. You also have the tools to customize the request information displayed in the results table and export your data. 

Select Requests on the main navigation bar to view your request list. You can also select a tile in the Requests section of the dashboard.

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Request filters

Filters allow you to quickly organize your request list. Request status filters are displayed across the top of the Requests page (Pending, Approved, Declined...). You can also select All Requests to remove any status filters or To Do to view requests in any status that are assigned to you. 

Select Filters to view additional filtering options. Choose your filters and select Filter to apply them. 

To remove filters, select FiltersReset. Note that if you leave the page, any filters will be reset.   

View settings 

Select View Settings to choose which fields are displayed in the request list. Select or deselect the field checkbox and Save. These fields are columns in the request table. 

To remove all selected fields, select View Settings and then Reset

View requests

To view a request, select the request row or select View on the right.  

You can also select the “+” icon on the left to view a short summary of the request, including the type of support requested, the total amount requested, if it was submitted manually or via a form, and whether it includes an event. 

Export reports 

Various request details can be exported to .csv or .pdf. To export a subset of requests, select the checkbox to the left of a request row to include it in your export file. Alternatively, don't select any requests and the export will include all requests that meet the current filter criteria. 

Select Export and choose the request data and format to download. This could take several minutes for large datasets. 


What’s included in each report? 

  • Grant requests: CSV or PDF file with detailed request summaries. Includes contact information on the cause, project description, request amount, submitted date, and more. 
  • Cash payments: CSV file with detailed cash payment information. Includes data on budget, currency, payment amount, payment method, payment date, and more. 
  • Reviews: CSV file with detailed information on reviews. Includes data on who completed the review, review type, review score, comments, and more. 
  • In-kind payments: CSV file with detailed information on in-kind payments. Includes data on the type of in-kind items, quantity of items, unit values, total value, and more. 
  • Surveys: CSV file with detailed survey information. Includes data on survey status, type, description, submission date, survey responses, and more. 
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