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Your Special Campaign is categorized as a multi-currency (multiple Spark Instances) campaign. This means that the users can be from different currency groups (e.g., USD, CAD and others). There is the option of targeting a sub-user group within the chosen instances. The campaign is applicable to ALL causes and available through your choice of a Giving Opportunity, the cause page directly, or both.

This campaign is a good option when:

  1. You want users across multiple countries to be able to donate to and receive enhanced matching for any cause that is eligible on your site.
  2. You’d like users to have the flexibility where they can donate and receive a match through a Giving Opportunity, through the profile pages of the causes directly, or both.

Here’s an example of a Site Wide International Campaign:

  • For the month of April, to promote the company’s annual donation drive, all donations made by users across all countries will be matched at 200% (compared to the usual 100%) regardless of which cause(s) they donate to.

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You will be required to provide the following additional details of your campaign through a series of questions provided within the email. We've laid out a brief description of the ask and a few example answers below. 

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1. Campaign Title

If you’re offering an increased match, it’s most likely for a specific reason or will be communicated to your employees as a special occasion. Our teams like to have the name of your campaign right from the start so that we can set it up properly in reporting and in your Spark site.

  • (Example: Earth Day 200% - 2020)


2. Currencies

List all currencies (Spark Instances) that should be included in the incentivized match. Anyone in your organization associated with those currencies will be matched automatically when their donation is made

  • (Example: USD, CAD, GBP, etc.)


3. Does this Campaign apply to a sub-user group within the above chosen currency? (Y/N)

Maybe you have chosen to target this campaign only to the USD currency group (Spark Instance). Do you need to target the campaign further to a sub-user group within that instance, for example, New York employees only? In order to target a sub-user group, this field must already exist in your demographic file.

  • (Example: No. All users with USD, CDN, GBP)
  • (Example: Yes. Only the Marketing Department for USD, CDN, GBP)

4. Start and End Dates/Time and Time Zone

Specify the exact date and time you would like this offer to start and end. The Benevity teams will ensure that matching will go end-to-end within the specified time zone. 

If there are multiple currencies in your campaign, please specify if the time zone listed should be applied to all currencies (this would be a GLOBAL application) or if you’d like to set up a local time zone for each respective currency (this would be a LOCAL application). 

GLOBAL: The campaign starts and ends at the same time across all Spark Instances, e.g., if you end the campaign at 17:00 CT, the campaign will end at this time across all instances.

  • (Example: March 1st @8:00am to March 31st 2020 @5:00pm, PT)

LOCAL: Please indicate the start and end time per instance (see below)


Start Date

Start Time

Start Time Zone

End Date

End Time

End Time Zone


March 1



March 31




March 1



March 31











5. Match Rate (Percentage)

What will the match rate be during the specified date and time frame? Let us know using a percentage.

  • (Ex. 100%, 200%)


6. How do you want the budgets to draw down? (Choose option a, b, or c)

Will there be a separate campaign budget or will funds come from the normal individual user budgets and/or company budgets you already have set up?


a. Draw down as normal (from Employee Match Cap and Company Cap)

b. Do not draw down from employee cap or Company Cap. You have a completely separate campaign budget that is outside of your usual budgets.

c. Do not draw down from Employee Match Cap, but down from the Company Cap.

NOTE for option C: The system cannot automatically draw down from the company cap in this scenario. We can either draw down the full campaign budget before the campaign starts and later put back anything that was not used, or draw down the actual amount spent after the campaign ends.

7. Campaign Company Cap (Optional- Use table below)

This is the total amount of budget you’d like to use for this campaign. This could be within your existing budget, or an additional budget, depending on how you answered question 6. Once that amount is reached, the cap will be applied and will stop matching any donations made, for any individual. Your normal Spark rules will kick back in at this time. 

If you have decided to include multiple currencies, let us know what the caps are for each currency.

  • (Example: $30,000 US,  $6,700 CDN, $4,500 GBP. Feel free to put it in a table format like the below).


8. Campaign User Cap (Optional- Use table below)

This is the total matching amount that is possible for each user to receive. When a user’s donation volume hits this cap, the individual user will not receive any further match. 

If you would like to place limits around the campaign (ie. The Special matching will shut off when these amounts are hit OR when the end time passes, whichever comes first) please fill out this table to indicate how your campaign budget is broken out across all participating currencies

Campaign Company Cap Per Instance

(~ Approx. USD Equivalent Amount)

Campaign User Cap Per Instance

(~Approx. USD Equivalent Amount)

USD = 30,000




CAD = 6,700




AUD = 4,500




GBP = 5,400




Euro = 6,200




SGD = 2,700




Total = ~Approx. 50K USD

Total: 50K USD




9. List of Cause IDs (Default: ALL Causes)

Are any causes present in an active campaign? (Y/N)

NOTE: This field is VERY important. Let us know if any of your chosen causes are already in another active special matching campaign. If the cause exists in two separate 2:1 campaigns, for example, the special match rates will stack and result in more matching than expected.


10. Special Considerations

Are there any special configurations or site updates that need to occur alongside this special matching campaign?


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