The giving opportunity campaign

The giving opportunity Campaign is a single-currency (Spark Instance) campaign that is available to everyone grouped under one particular currency (Spark Instance), is applicable to a specific cause or causes that fall within one of your available currencies (Spark Instances) and can be set up through the Giving Opportunity.

This campaign is a good option when:

  1. You want to set up a campaign for users who are categorized under a specific currency (e.g., USD) or you only have a single currency for your entire Spark site (e.g., all users are assigned to USD).
  2. You want to select one or more specific causes to be part of your Giving Opportunity.

Note: If you are looking to set up a campaign involving multiple currencies and/or not listing specific causes, check out our quick survey to help find your perfect matching campaign.

Here’s an example of a giving opportunity Campaign:

  • A giving opportunity is set up so users in Canada can donate to the Canadian Red Cross and receive an enhanced match rate of 200% (compared to the usual rate of 100%).
  • In this example, only users in Canada (using the Canadian currency) would receive the 200% enhanced match. Users in other countries may still see and donate to the campaign (based on your site’s configuration) but they would not be eligible for the enhanced match.


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