Web Analytics Dashboard

The Web Analytics Dashboard, located in the Stock Reporting folder, allows you to see your Spark site traffic data.

As a program owner, you can use the dashboard to get a better understanding of when your people are engaging with Spark. Think of it as a helpful way to quickly see trends over time. When you're running a campaign or launching large scale communications, this dashboard will deliver insights into how your initiatives are driving traffic to your program site.



See timely engagement


The dashboard allows you to get a quick snapshot of when your people are engaging with your site over the last 30 days compared to the previous year. With these timely insights, you’ll know whether you need to take action. That might translate to increasing awareness or improving your campaign messaging.


Adjust dates as you need with the date range filter

The default date range is set to the last 30 days, but you can adjust your dates anytime by adding a filter. This allows you to track trends over time. For example, if you run an annual giving campaign, you’ll be able to set your filters so you can see how much traffic your campaign is driving to Spark this year versus last year’s campaign. These insights will let you set better, data-driven engagement goals for your program.

Please note: The web analytics data is available from December 28, 2018 and onward.



Export your report as PDF

Save a snapshot of your web analytics data by exporting it as a PDF, PNG, PPT or other available formats. You can then share your data offline with your stakeholders.



View year-on-year trends

The year-on-year trends outline your site's data for total number of users and sessions. The graphs are organized by month and include the current year and the previous years. The data helps you gain deeper insights into what’s driving your seasonal trends year over year, and when your users are highly engaged. Like during a holiday giving season or campaign drive.



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