How to sign in to the B-Hive 

Welcome to the B-Hive - Benevity’s online resource centre and community for industry leaders, doers and dreamers! Once you are signed in you'll have access to valuable resources like upcoming product information, ready-to-use content, recorded webinars and a large knowledge base to get tips and tricks on Benevity products and programs. 

There is also a community forum space for you to go and share ideas and best practices with your Goodness peers and other leaders in our industry.     

Sign in is required to access other private forums and all information on the resource centre side. 

Find out how you can access the B-Hive below, or reach out to for further guidance.  



Logging in through Spark

Log in to your Spark site as you normally would, through SSO or with a user name and password. Once there, navigate to the administrator side of the system by selecting Manage at the top right-hand corner of your dashboard. 


Once on the Manage side of your Spark site, you will see a B-Hive link at the top right-hand corner. If selected this will authenticate you through to the B-Hive.  


Logging in through Benevity Grants

Log in to your Benevity Grants management interface as you normally would, through SSO or with a user name and password.

Once there, navigate to the B-Hive by selecting B-Hive at the top right-hand corner of your dashboard. This will log you into the B-Hive automatically. 


If you are currently implementing


If you are a client who is currently implementing with Benevity - you can log in to the B-Hive with a username and password.  

These credentials will be created by the internal teams at Benevity. Simply reach out to your current project team or to to get access!   

Once logged in

Once logged in you will have access to the entirety of the B-Hive, which includes:   

  • Goodness Matters content and presentations 
  • A knowledge base full of tutorials and how-tos for Benevity products 
  • Communications and our upcoming product release information  
  • Program tools to help you start building your program 
  • Checklists and guides to help you walk through some processes and procedures 

Making the most of B-Hive 

Once you've signed in, here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your presence on B-Hive:  

  1. Set up and personalize your profile
  2. Feel free to introduce yourselves to the broader community!
  3. Start a new discussion or add your two cents to an ongoing thread!  
  4. Follow the weekly roundup to stay connected with B-Hive updates and news.   
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