Getting started with VolunteerMatch

Benevity’s integration with VolunteerMatch means your company and people can access even more volunteer opportunities—right in Spark. Your people will be able to search, browse and discover relevant volunteer opportunities and events, including local and virtual opportunities, skills-based activities and board leadership positions. 


  • Access ready-made volunteer opportunities so it is even easier for your people to find localized, relevant activities in their communities or online
  • Tap into your people’s skills, with more than 60% skills-based opportunities that are suited to their unique interests and expertise.
  • Discover and sign-up for volunteer activities in real time, with the new Benevity app.
  • Use single sign-on (SSO) to access the VolunteerMatch network directly through Spark.  
  • Get a single, unified volunteering solution that streamlines your CSR program.
  • Deliver the most broad, open-choice program when you combine VolunteerMatch with Benevity content, all within your Spark program.

How to add VolunteerMatch to your program

Contact your Client Success Manager for information on pricing and how to add the VolunteerMatch to your program.


General questions

What is the VolunteerMatch integration?

The integration provides your company and people with access to volunteer opportunities from the VolunteerMatch Open Network — directly in Spark. Your people will be able to find and sign up for relevant volunteer opportunities and events in their community, including local and virtual opportunities, skills-based activities, and board leadership roles.

How much does the integration cost?

The cost for the VolunteerMatch integration is based on the number of users in your program. We are pleased to bring you the integration at VolunteerMatch’s price point. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to get more information on pricing.

I am interested in moving forward with the VolunteerMatch integration. What is the next step?

Download the info sheet and connect with your Client Success Manager to get started. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the setup process.

My company already has VolunteerMatch. How do I integrate it with my Benevity Goodness program?

It is easy to integrate your existing VolunteerMatch program into Spark. First, reach out to your representative at VolunteerMatch and let them know you are interested in integrating your program. Then, chat with your Client Success Manager about switching to the VolunteerMatch integration in Spark. There will be no additional cost above your existing VolunteerMatch fee to integrate the platforms.

How does reporting work?

VolunteerMatch is integrated with Benevity Reporting, so you will be able to track who and when your people have signed up for VolunteerMatch opportunities.

User-related questions

How does the VolunteerMatch integration appear in Spark for users?

Once the integration is enabled for your users, they will see an Explore VolunteerMatch Opportunities page under the Volunteer tab. On this search page, users will be able to search, browse and sign up for volunteer opportunities and events.

How do users search for VolunteerMatch Opportunities?

Once users navigate to the Explore VolunteerMatch page, they will be able to search for keywords such as title, description, cause name, or location. If there aren’t any volunteer opportunities in their location, virtual opportunities will appear by default — so there will always be fresh and relevant content for your employees to discover.

How do users sign up for VolunteerMatch opportunities directly in Spark?

The signup process is integrated within Spark to make it easy for your people to participate. When a user finds an open opportunity they would like to sign up for, they can simply click the “Sign up now” button. They will then be prompted to answer a few questions and confirm their email address, so that the cause can reach out to them via email to provide additional details about the volunteer activity.

What is the difference between a Volunteer Opportunity and a VolunteerMatch opportunity?

Volunteer Opportunities are created by people in your company, including users, volunteer champions and program administrators, as well as causes. Your people can find these opportunities by visiting the Browse Volunteer Opportunities page under the Volunteer tab. 

VolunteerMatch opportunities are created by VolunteerMatch member organizations, which include non-profits, NGOs, schools, and other organizations. These opportunities are open to anyone who signs up through the VolunteerMatch network—so your people may be volunteering with people outside of your organization. Users can find these opportunities by visiting the Explore VolunteerMatch page under the Volunteer tab.

How do users track time for VolunteerMatch opportunities?

Users can track time for VolunteerMatch opportunities by selecting the Track Time button on the opportunity. This will direct them to the standard Track External Volunteering form in Spark, where they can fill out details about their volunteer event or activity.


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