Signing up volunteers in bulk

Volunteer bulk sign up lets you sign up volunteers and guests for different volunteer opportunities and shifts—in one upload!

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How to do the bulk sign-up

  1. Go to the sign-up page for the Volunteer Opportunity.
  2. Select Download Bulk Sign-up Template.


  3. Open the template and fill out the information for each volunteer. The first four columns will auto fill. You’ll enter the information for the rest of the columns. 
  4. Refer to the example of a completed file template for help filling out the spreadsheet.
  5. Go to Manage > Volunteer > Import Volunteer Sign-ups, after the spreadsheet is filled out.
  6. Select Launch Import.
  7. Drag the file into the window, or select Upload Data from File.
  8. Select Yes if the first row in your file contains column names.
  9. Review the header mapping to make sure that each field in your file is mapped correctly. If you need to change the mapping for any field, open the drop-down in the right column and select the correct field name.


  10. Select Confirm Mapping when the columns match.


  11. Select Review.
  12. Review the table and make sure to fix any errors, shown in red. You can toggle “Only show rows with problems” to quickly locate and fix the errors. Note, any changes you make here will show up in the file at the end. 
  13. Select Complete.
  14. Choose Yes from the pop-up to confirm that you are ready to submit your bulk sign-ups.
  15. Success! You've completed the bulk sign-up! For your own records, you can download a file with the all of the sign-up information. If the sign-up was not completed successfully, refer to the how to fix any errors steps.

How to fix errors

After you submit your sign-ups, you may see an error message saying that the upload could not be completed, or that the upload was only partially completed. 

Here's how to fix errors:

  1. Review the error summary table to see what needs to be fixed.
  2. Select Download File with Errors, shown on the alert message. Each error will be listed on the last column of the file.
  3. Fix the errors and save the spreadsheet.
  4. Select Back to Bulk Sign-up Page, and submit the new file.

Example of a completed CSV file template

The first row in the file template are the headers. The rest of the rows represent a single Volunteer Opportunity. The columns in the file represent the details for the volunteers. The first four columns will auto fill. You’ll enter the information for the rest of the columns. 

Field Name
Field Description
Required Format
Opportunity ID ID of the Volunteer Opportunity Number  3517 
Opportunity Name Name of the Volunteer Opportunity   Text  Clean our Rivers!
Shift ID ID of the shift the volunteer signed up for Number 6778
Shift Name Name of the shift the volunteer signed up for Text  Recycling crew
Employee ID The volunteer's employee ID Number 123456
Employee Username The volunteer's employee username Valid username  anitaherzog
Employee Email The volunteer's employee email Valid email address
Email Notification of Sign-up Turn off sign-up notification email for volunteer Text field with options Yes or No. Yes means turn emails on. No means turn emails off. I know... If left empty, defaults to No. No (emails off)
Email Reminder Before Shift Turn off shift reminder email for volunteer Text field with options Yes or No. Yes means turn emails off. No means turn emails on. If left empty, defaults to No. No (emails on)
Number of Guests Number of guests that the employee is bringing Number greater than or equal to 0 0


Additional fields for programs with PII turned off

If personally identifiable information (PII) collection is turned off, your CSV file will show additional fields based on two scenarios.

Scenario 1: PII collection is turned off and t-shirt sizes are not required

A new field will show: Guest # is Attending. This is a text field, with mandatory value of either TRUE or FALSE. True, if the guest is attending. False, if the guest is not attending.

Scenario 2: PII collection is turned off and t-shirt sizes are required

Two new fields will show: Guest # is Attending and Guest T-shirt Size. Both fields are text fields. The first field will be either TRUE or FALSE. The second field will be size of the t-shirt (refer to the FAQ for a list of available sizes).


What roles have access to do the bulk sign up?

Volunteer Manager and above. Learn more about user roles.

What if someone is already signed up for the shift?

Existing sign-ups cannot be included in the CSV file. When users have already signed up for a shift, it becomes complicated to try and validate whether or not the sign ups in your CSV will put a shift over-capacity. If you try to sign someone up in your CSV that’s already signed up to that shift, you will get an error message. 

What are the options for t-shirt sizes in the CSV file?

You'll choose the preferred t-shirt size from the dropdown in the sign-up tool. But for reference, the sizes available are: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large and xxx-large.


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