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You’ve created an ad hoc view with some key metrics you’d like to regularly monitor, and now you’d like to make sure you have it saved for future use. Or you might be ready to export it and share it with your team at the next meeting.


What’s the difference between ad hoc views and reports?

Ad hoc views are the building blocks of your reporting. Use them to create and edit the initial view of the data you are analyzing. Ad hoc views let you drag different fields and measures into tables, crosstabs or charts, apply filters, aggregate values, and immediately view the results. Think of them like a word doc that still might require some changes.

Reports are schedulable, fixed-format versions of the data contained in an ad hoc view. Reporting content will update whenever you make changes to the source ad hoc view. You can adjust filters included in a report, depending on your own changing criteria. Reports can be scheduled to run according to your own timetable Think of them like a final PDF that doesn’t require any more formatting changes.


Save your ad hoc view

  1. With the ad hoc view open, select the Save icon in the toolbar.

  2. Pick between one of three save options:
      • Save Ad Hoc View if it’s the first time you are saving the ad hoc view.
      • Save Ad Hoc View As... if you are editing an existing ad hoc view and want to save a copy to another location (this will duplicate the ad hoc view).
      • Save Ad Hoc View and Create Report if you want to save the ad hoc view and create the report.
  3. When the Save As screen opens, expand the folders to select your folder location and select Save.


To learn how to add folders to your repository, check out navigating Benevity Reporting.


Export your report

You can export the contents of your ad hoc view by selecting the Export icon, to the right of the Save icon. You can export the ad hoc view in a variety of formats such as XLSX (an editable Excel format, which is what most people use), CSV or PDF.


After you select the format, a new browser tab will open and the export will download. If it doesn’t download, make sure your browser isn’t blocking the new tab from opening (as a blocked pop-up tab). Here's a screenshot of a donation ad hoc view exported as an XLSX report.



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