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Benevity Reporting is a platform that enables comprehensive, self-serve reporting on key metrics related to your program that can be sliced by virtually any attribute. Our reporting solution allows you, as program leaders, to schedule reports and download results in your preferred format (e.g. PDF, PPT, CSV, XLXS).

In addition to the reports available to you in Spark or Benevity Grants, we work hard to get you ramped up in Benevity Reporting, our purpose-built reporting software, because we know that having access to both data and insight into your programs’ performance is critical to their success.

Our Client Success teams live in your data on a daily basis and the opportunities that emerge are shared closely with the Benevity Analytics & Insights team to build new data products and services that solve the information challenges you face. This collaboration provides a scalable framework that marries data expertise with context and relationship.




Real-time reporting

Benevity Reporting data is refreshed continuously throughout the day. You will be able to use your data in real-time for your operational needs, stay on top of your campaign performance and pull up-to-date reports for leadership when you need them!

Note: Some stock reports in Benevity Reporting are refreshed every 8 hours.


Stock reporting

The Stock Reporting library is a growing collection of reports that give you one-click access to many of the common operational questions you might face when running your program, as well as guided analysis to gain insight into how your employees are engaging in your program.


They’ll also let you check in real-time how a disaster relief campaign is performing or compare how different retail stores are participating so far this year. Fun fact: These are the top reporting requests that we see across our clients, no matter employee size or industry!

We debuted the stock reporting catalog in 2018, and we’ve since seen an increase of more than 800% in usage with these reports — and the list of reports is growing every month, based on feedback from program administrators like you.

Explore the full list of Benevity's stock reports


Ad hoc reporting

In addition to the standard, out-of-the-box reports available, you can create a wide range of ad hoc reports to get the information you need and share it with colleagues.


The ad hoc reporting environment provides a powerful interface for you to slice and dice, to ask (and answer) specific questions on your data, explore the precise details you need and build reusable reports that are customized to your program at the granularity that you need.

The functionality is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop environment that enables reports, either one-time or on a recurring basis, on virtually any metric or combination of metrics — all presented in a variety of graphic formats. The comprehensive list of reportable fields includes detailed information about charities, the initiatives you create within Spark and custom user information from your demographic data and information.


Permissions and access

If you require access to Benevity Reporting, please connect directly with our Client Technical Support team. They will work with you and the other program leaders at your organization to provision credentials.

Benevity Reporting also offers varied permission levels covering all aspects of administration. You can request many different levels of permissions to ensure the right level access for any team member, such as excluding personal information or limiting access to different program areas (e.g. employee giving or volunteering).


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