Setting up a special match campaign in Spark: Checklist

Incentivized campaigns are more likely to engage your people — helping you create the most impact ever and creating buzz within your teams. We can help you find and set up the perfect matching campaign for your program in three steps:

  1. Find or determine the budget being used
  2. Complete a quick survey to determine your campaign needs
  3. Connect with our teams

1. Find or determine the budget being used

Donation matching in your program is a powerful tool your company can use to encourage your people to give.

Before moving forward, review your current Budget Usage in Spark and learn more about Understanding your Budgets. You’ll need to determine whether this incentivized match will be coming from your overall program budget or you’ll be allocating more funds to inspire and empower your people!

2. Complete a quick survey to determine your campaign needs

We’ve designed a quick survey to help you identify the best matching campaign setup according to your needs. Whether you’re doing something local for one community or you’d like to incentivize your people globally, this survey will help you find the perfect solution!

Complete the survey!

3. Connect with our teams

Once you’ve completed the survey, we’ll guide you through a few additional details we’ll need to collect. Once completed to the best of your ability, submit the information to our support team who will help configure your campaign.

If you’re curious about the additional details required to set up a campaign, you can read more about the various campaign options here:

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