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The Benevity app helps you reach more people by meeting them where they are, in the moment. It makes it easy to access your corporate purpose initiatives right from their phone, so anyone, anywhere can volunteer, donate and take positive actions whenever they’re most inspired.

Your program is one of the best ways to help frontline and remote employees feel connected to your culture and company, but access can be one of the biggest barriers. The Benevity app is all about removing that wall between you and your people — so you can grow participation and increase engagement all while making a bigger impact.

And with the opportunity visible there in their hands, doing good becomes more than just a “work thing.” It becomes a part of people’s everyday lives.


The new Benevity app features beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate screens, including:

  • Home — See Giving Account balances, matching funds remaining, volunteer hours tracked and more! You can also take immediate actions like donate, request a match or track volunteer time and view company news articles.
  • Discover more opportunities to do good — The Discover tab is a great starting point for people to search for opportunities that resonate with them. The unified search feature brings giving, volunteering, positive actions and causes together, providing a single accessible place to search and find more ways to do good.


With the Benevity app, your people can easily:

  • Donate when inspired — Select a cause or giving opportunity, choose a donation method and confirm! That’s all it takes for your people to support the causes they care about, immediately. They can give by payroll, Giving Account rewards, credit card or PayPal. For eligible nonprofits, using Apple Pay on iOS compatible devices makes donating that much easier and quicker! Plus, donation matching and remaining balances show up in real-time, just like on the desktop version.
  • Volunteer — Select a shift, track volunteering time, and view important information like who’s attending, location with a map and organizer contact. And when they’re ready to track their time, they can easily enter it directly into the app!
  • Complete Missions — Employees can participate in Missions on the go by completing activities that help them take positive actions that can add up to major social, personal and business impacts, like riding a bike instead of driving, reducing plastic waste or making meetings more inclusive — and they can track them on the spot.
  • Get going with ease — Employees can log in quickly and stay logged in with Touch ID/Face ID, making it easier to do good in the moment. SSO available.
  • Keep private data private — Built to meet the highest privacy and security standards, the Benevity app is GDPR compliant and doesn’t store sensitive data. Additional security measures include the ability for users to revoke access to their account in case they lose their device and the app automatically locks when a user leaves their phone unlocked or if the app is put into the background.
  • It’s free to download - The Benevity app is free to download and enable for your program. And with one quick click, you can enable it from your Spark admin dashboard!

Once you have your company set up, all your people need to do is download the Benevity app from the App Store or Google Play to be engaged and access your corporate purpose program, anytime, anywhere.


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