Searching for causes, volunteer events and giving opportunities

Search is essential for discovering causes and opportunities in your program. It's how your employees discover causes to support through giving or volunteering. With Spark search, we ensure that your program content is easily available and searchable for all participants.

Search causes

To search for causes, you can select Search in the top navigation bar or use the search on My Dashboard.

How causes display in results depends on three factors:

  • User's search location.
  • Amount of donations the cause has received.
  • How close the cause name is to the search term used.

The results are ordered by the most relevant, based on these factors. Exact matches of the cause name will appear first in the results. You can select Filters to narrow down your search by country, state/province and category/subcategory.

Search volunteer or giving opportunities

The search experience is similar for both volunteering and giving.

  • To search or browse volunteer opportunities, select Volunteer on the top navigation bar.
  • To search or browse giving opportunities, select Make a Donation in the navigation bar.


Enter details in the search bar at the top of the page to find an opportunity. Your search results are ranked based on a relevancy algorithm. Events or causes that are located nearest your search location, and have start dates in the near future, will appear first in the order. 

By default, Spark uses the search location in the user's profile. If absent, it will use the location in tax receipts, followed by the location provided in your company's demographic file. You can also select the search location button above the search results to update it. 

Quick Links 

Quick links for opportunities are available under the search bar. They represent a saved set of filters that have been shared by administrators. Employees are quickly directed to similar or tagged opportunities.

Featured Opportunities

Featured opportunities are also displayed on this page. Opportunities can be featured for employee groups based on their demographic data. Show all will display all featured opportunities.

Browse All 

Opportunities in the Browse All section are also returned based on location and relevance. Select Show all if you would like to explore more and filter results.

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