Update your payroll schedules

To make changes or to add payroll into Spark, the Benevity Technical teams will require a completed Payroll Schedule Template for each payroll schedule you have available to your employees.

The following steps will walk you through how to complete the Payroll Schedule Template each time a change is needed.

This is typically done a few months before the end of each calendar year.

Step 1: Download the template

Download the provided Payroll Schedule Template. Use a separate template for each schedule. For example, if you have a bi-weekly schedule and a weekly schedule, you will be sending us two documents.

Step 2: Complete the template

Complete the sections and columns as shown in the template. 


Payroll Schedule Name

First, add a title to each template you complete, with the name of schedule you are saving.

For example, (Company Name)_USA Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule 2023.

Spark Period End Date

The Spark Period End Date is the day before your payroll team require the payroll deduction file from Benevity. For example, if your payroll team needs to process the file on January 8, 2023, please list your period end date as January 7, 2023 (2023-01-07).

Client Pay Date

The day that people on this schedule will be paid.

Client Pay Start

The day this pay period begins on the client side. Note: This date does not have any impact in Spark, but might be included in the payroll deduction file to support your internal payroll process.

Client Pay End

The cut-off date for processing payroll on your side. This date is set by your payroll team. This date will be later than the "Spark Period End Date" to allow enough time for your payroll team to process the deduction file sent by Benevity.

Step 3: Review data and date formats

Verify the pay period dates align with the correct pay schedule, and ensure all date formats are in YYYY-MM-DD.

Step 4: Send to Benevity's Technical Support team

Once complete, save your file and name the file as appropriate to match the payroll title you have added in the file. Following the example above, the file would be named (Company Name)_USA Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule 2023.

Send all completed schedules as their own attachments to help@benevity.com and our Client Technical Support team will ensure that they are uploaded in your site.

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