Adding an increased match rate on a giving opportunity

Consider changing match rates to motivate employees to donate to specific causes or fundraising events that are important to your company. Give a higher match for main fundraisers, important causes, disaster relief efforts, and major company charity projects. Matching inspires and amplifies the impact on the community. 

The opportunity editor’s Matching section lets you, as an owner or administrator, change the matching rate so that it does not apply the default rate used for most giving opportunities. 


Additional match rates on giving opportunities only apply the extra match to donations made through that opportunity and to users who operate in the currency of the cause attached to the Giving Opportunity. If you’d like to set up extra matching across your site to specific causes or across currencies, contact our support team for assistance!

If your program uses custom budget tags, you cannot use this functionality. contact our support team to set up an increased match on a giving opportunity.


Any Spark user with the awards manager role can set an extra match rate at any time.

Changing a match rate

To change the match rate on a giving opportunity:

  1. Open the opportunity and select Edit in the top right corner. 
  2. Select Matching in the Form Navigation or scroll down to this section. 
  3. Open the Donation Match Rate dropdown and choose the match rate you’d like to apply to the giving opportunity. You can choose any amount, from 10% to 900%.

When you choose a match rate here it replaces the default rate of your site. If your standard match rate is 100%, or a 1:1 match, and you want to offer an extra incentive for a giving opportunity, choose a rate higher than 100% from the dropdown.


  • If you don't normally match donations and set a 100% match for a particular opportunity, then donations made only to that opportunity will receive 100% matching. 
  • If you do typically match donations 100% and set a 200% match for a particular opportunity, donations made only to that opportunity will receive 200% matching. 

When you select a new rate, additional fields appear below. 

Maximum match amount per donation

You can set a limit to the match amount per donation. Any donations that could receive a larger match amount are limited to a maximum of this amount. 

For example, if you set a limit of $1,000/donation and an executive attempts to donate $20,000, they will only be matched for the first $1,000.

Tip: If you set a match limit per donation here, you must also set a total match budget for the opportunity below.

Matching budget for opportunity 

If you have a limited budget for this match rate, you can specify it in this field. When the budget is reached, the match rate will go back to the default match rate you have set in your program. Any additional donation matches at the default rate are drawn down from your annual budgets. 

Matching budget currency

Select the currency in which you'd like to match donations! Make sure that you use the currency where you are promoting the giving opportunity.

If you’d like to set up extra matching across currencies, contact our support teams for assistance!

Set an end date

You can set an end date for when the new match rate will go back to the default. This is extra incentive for your people to participate sooner rather than later. 

How does this impact your budgets?

Your matching program annual budget is set up at the beginning of the year to limit spending on matching. Your matching budget can also have a yearly limit for each individual employee. You can decide if this new match rate affects the usage of these annual limits. 

Select the Draw funds from the Corporate Matching Budget checkbox to make sure that the total match amount is drawn from user and company annual budgets. If you do not want this extra matching to be taken from your organization's annual budget, don't select this checkbox. 

If the checkbox isn't there and you want matching to be taken from annual budgets, ask our support team for help.

Display Matching banner 

Decide whether you want to show the matching banner on this giving opportunity all the time, even if matching is not available. For example, if the budget runs out. 

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