How to set up your B-Hive profile

The B-Hive is Benevity’s online space where program leaders, owners and administrators can come to stay in the loop on the latest updates and changes, expand their product knowledge and connect with their peers.

We’ve configured the B-Hive to have public social profiles, which means your profile will display any information you choose to share, your activity and any recent contributions you have made. Other community members are also able to follow one another and will get notifications of new articles, posts and comments for anyone they are following.


Set up your profile

To set up your B-Hive profile, simply select the drop down next to your name in the top right hand corner of the B-Hive landing page.



Activity Feed

Once here, select ‘My Profile’.

This will bring you to the activity page in your profile. You’ll see, at a glance, an overview of all of your activity, the number of posts you’ve submitted to the community, and any comments you’ve made on B-Hive articles, posts or forums.


Editing your Profile

Select the 'Edit Profile' button to make any profile changes you’d like. You can add an image, your first name and last name, a phone number (optional), and a quick description, in 500 words or less, about yourself. You could include things like; why you are here, what is it that you expect to get out of the community or what others can expect to learn from you. Now get out there and get social!



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