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To manage the Benevity Community Impact (CI) Portal on your own, you must be assigned the Community Portal Manager Role in Spark. This role will allow you to control the layout and content of your CI Portal and do things like add Giving Opportunities, link directly to and feature causes important to your company, manage gift card redemption, and enable donations and donation-matching through the portal.

To access the CI Portal’s configuration options, click Company Giving in the main navigation on the administrator side of Spark and then select Manage Community Portal.



CI Portal Configuration – General Settings 

The CI Portal configuration page allows you to add and edit text, update featured content, and configure the donation and matching options available throughout the portal.

In General Settings, you can set up the important global settings for the whole portal. The first thing you’ll see is a pick list of languages. By default, all the text content you enter will be for the English version of your CI Portal and, depending on your Spark instances, CI Portal visitors may have the option to change their language settings.


Use the language options presented here, and on the other configuration pages in the CI Portal, to add alternate language versions of any configured content. It will display to people who change their language settings.

Click a language to load the pre-translated version of the page content. The content you enter here will be saved separately from the default English version, and will only display when users have changed their language preference.

The next section takes you through some Basic Settings for setup.

1. Website Title

Use this field to set your own title, which will display throughout your CI Portal. Please note that the title you set here will not affect the portal URL, which will always be in this format:


2. Enable Donations through CI Portal

By default, the CI Portal is strictly a charity gift-card redemption site and people will only be able to make donations using the charitable gift cards you have created and sent to them. If you go no further, this option will always be available to you.


However, let’s say you want to enable broader donation and matching capabilities by allowing external donors to find and give to any causes eligible for your program. You can do this by selecting the Enable donations through CI Portal checkbox. Enabling donations will transform your portal into an engaging Goodness destination, where the public can connect with causes and giving initiatives through your brand.

The Make a Donation button will be added to cause profiles and any Giving Opportunities you have selected to feature on your CI Portal. Any user will be able to make a donation with a credit card or through PayPal.

3. Enable donations to personal Friendraising pages

If your program includes Friendraising, you can check the box labeled Enable Donations to Personal Friendraising Pages. If you leave the box un-checked, external donors will not be able to find and donate to individual Friendraising pages that have been set up by your people on the employee side of Spark.

4. Donation Amounts

The next box lets you pre-define specific donation amounts when anyone clicks the Make a Donation button on the CI Portal. You can include up to three buttons with pre-selected amounts, essentially making giving as easy as the click of a few buttons. Something as simple as providing a few pre-defined amounts on your Donate Now buttons has been shown to increase the likelihood people will click and give

5. Enable Matching

You can enable company matching for different kinds of donations made through the CI Portal, distinct from the employee side of Spark. Select the checkboxes for the categories you’d like to add matching to:

  • Enable matching for CI Portal donations.
  • Enable matching for company-created Gift Cards.
  • Enable matching for user-created Gift Cards.

The specific matching rules (charity eligibility and Giving Opportunity match caps) and budgets for your Spark instance will be carried through to your CI Portal.

6. Donation Success Message

The last field is there for you to add a custom message to display after people successfully make a donation through the CI Portal. You have the option of viewing a preview. Review your settings and content and click Submit to save.



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