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To manage the Community Impact (CI) Portal on your own, you must be assigned the Community Portal Manager Role in Spark. The CI Portal Configuration page allows you to add and edit text, update featured content, and configure the donation and matching options available throughout the portal.


CI Portal Configuration - Donation Page

This tab allows you to set a Make a Donation page, so visitors to your portal can find and give to causes of their choice. It also gives you an additional place to add more featured content and suggest featured causes or Giving Opportunities. Direct people to

The form on this page is very similar to the form you have just completed for your landing page.

1. Sub-Title

Use this field to add a quick descriptor and additional context. (128 character max.)

2. Page Description

This field configures the main text content block between the tagline and the search bar. Use this space to tell people what they need to know about making a donation through your community page and why you featured the causes and Giving Opportunities.


3. ‘About this website’ Title and Description 

The text you enter here will appear at the bottom of the page, underneath the search bar and just above the footer. Typically this block provides users with additional details on how to use the site. Both the About block title and content fields are pre-populated with default text, but are fully configurable so you can add any content you choose.



The fields are pre-populated with text explaining to visitors how to make donations. You can keep this text or add your own.

4. Donation Page Featured Content

Adding featured content works the same as on the landing page, but with additional options when it comes to the number of content groups and how they’re arranged on the page. Click Add to create a neutral or country-specific grid.



Edit – Landing Page Grid (Neutral or Instance Specific)

The page titled Edit Make a Donation Page Grid shows you the layout of your content groups. You have more flexibility with the size and arrangement of your groups than on the landing page, including wide and narrow group sizes that you can mix and match. The options are open-ended, as long as you’re always filling the horizontal row.


For example, you could have two wide groups, a wide group and two narrow groups, or four narrow groups in a row. Click New and select a new cause or Giving Opportunity. Then click Edit to search for the content you’d like to feature.


Once again, you can add causes or Giving Opportunities. Selecting a cause will display content from the charity profile page. Remember that the causes are responsible for adding and editing any content on their charity profile on the Benevity Causes Portal—you will not be able to edit this content directly.

When adding a Giving Opportunity, make sure to select Allow access to this Giving Opportunity on the Community Portal on the Edit page. You can search for and select any opportunity, but only opportunities with this checkbox selected will display to visitors of the page. Once you’ve added content, change the display order of your content blocks by dragging and dropping them within the group. When you’re finished adding content, click Submit. Your new content will now display to page visitors.



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