What's the Community Impact Portal?


The Community Impact Portal (CI Portal) provides a public-facing site that allows your customers, clients, partners and the public to donate to vetted nonprofits using credit card, debit card or Paypal.

It is the external-facing giving area of your Spark site, so you can encourage meaningful interactions with your brand and create a movement fueled by collective action.

Quick disaster relief and crisis response

When global and social crises or natural disasters happen, people look for concrete ways to take action, and they want to do it with you. With the CI Portal, you can activate your people and your community when it matters most.

Give and redeem donation gift cards

Gift cards area a great alternative to corporate swag, or a thoughtful gift for employees to share with friends and family. Recipients can redeem the gift card—with or without donation matching—through your CI Portal.

Managing external campaigns

Some Benevity clients have managed large external campaigns on their CI Portals by adding a link to the page on their main website. Others have used it for individual Friendraising initiatives once or twice a year. It’s your own branded site for community engagement that you can configure to your needs, and it’s fully responsive to mobile devices, so people can give easily wherever they are.

Add a CI Portal to your program

Contact help@benevity.com and we will work together to add your very own CI Portal to your giving program.


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