Embedded reporting dashboards for volunteering

To access the embedded admin dashboard, start by selecting Manage to enter Spark as an administrator. The dashboard will load below the navigation bar.   

Since Giving is the default when you’re using the admin dashboard, you need to select Volunteering to switch over to volunteering data. Once you’ve switched to Volunteering, you can modify the content on the dashboard by selecting the Filter drop-down menu. The Year is available by calendar year only. The Country drop-down menu indicates each of the instances you have available.  

Volunteer participation


This rate is the number of distinct volunteers who tracked approved time in Spark during the time period, divided by the number of eligible users. 

The large number on the visualization shows the current annual participation rate for the Year and Country selected. 

The graph shows the monthly participation rate for the Year and Country selected. This graph can help highlight when users are volunteering throughout the year. 

Volunteer hours


This shows the total number of volunteer hours that have been submitted (and approved) for the Year and Country selected. Previous month numbers can change as volunteer time submissions could be approved after the month or year has closed. 

Year-on-year trends 


Volunteer participation

This rate is the number of distinct users who tracked approved time during the time frame, divided by the number of eligible users. 

  • Monthly: This trend shows the monthly volunteer participation year on year with each color of bar representing a different year.  Since volunteering can be so temporal, it often makes the most sense to compare the same time frames year on year when looking at participation. This monthly view can highlight campaigns or special events with higher participation rates. 
  • Cumulative:  This trend shows how the company is progressing towards the annual volunteer participation rate year on year. Generally, it only increases as the year progresses, but can decrease if new users are added to the system at a faster rate than volunteer hours are tracked for the first time. This graph answers the question, “As of the same time last year, has volunteer participation increased or decreased?” 

Volunteer hours

These graphs depict the number of volunteer hours year on year. 

  • Monthly: This trend shows the monthly volunteer hours year on year, with each color bar representing a different year. This monthly view can highlight campaigns, including those with special rewards. 
  • Cumulative: This trend shows the number of volunteer hours summed throughout the year, with December being the total amount of volunteer hours for the year. 

Interactive dashboards

You can interact with each of the reports in the following ways:  

  • Hover: If you hover over any of the data points within the charts, a tooltip will appear showing the exact values for that point.   
  • Select/Deselect Legend items: If you click on any of the items in the Legend, that series will be hidden from the graph. If you click it again, it will reappear. A common use for this function might be to compare only specific years on the charts, or to exclude external donations done outside Spark from the Donations by Method.   
  • Zoom: You can also zoom in to specific areas on the chart by clicking and dragging a square within the chart area. You can click Reset Zoom to see the chart in its original format.  
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