Scheduling delivery of a Look via email

You can schedule immediate or recurring deliveries of Looks and Dashboards (standard and custom) to automate the sharing of insights, ensuring that all relevant parties receive up-to-date information directly in their preferred format. 

Remember, as the Reporting Studio's program administrator, you can access all program data. Before scheduling reports for others, think about their access limitations. It's advisable to specify the right filter values when creating a schedule for recipients so that they see the data they need. 

Creating a Look schedule

To schedule delivery of a Look:

  1. Open a Look, select the cog icon in the top right corner and select Schedule.
  2. If this is the first schedule, you can get started with defining your schedule.
  3. If there are existing schedules, they’re listed on the left side of the window. To create a new schedule, select New next to the Schedules title. 

Schedule configuration

Give your schedule a name

By default, deliveries are named after the dashboard but can be customized for clarity.

Where should this data go?

All deliveries are sent by Email.

Who should it be emailed to? 

Enter a recipient's email address and select Add

Format data as

Choose a data format for the delivery: 

  • Data table
  • Visualization
  • CSV
  • XLSX
  • JSON-Simple
  • Text
  • HTML


  • Repeating interval: choose a frequency to deliver this schedule.
  • Datagroup update: we recommend choosing a repeating interval. This option will run delivery when your database is updated. 

Deliver this schedule

Choose a recurrence and time to send the data. 


You can edit the values for any existing filters applied to the Look and the new filter values will be applied to the delivery. The Look itself is not affected.

You cannot add filters to your schedule in the Filters section, only view and edit the values for existing filters. For example, you might send regional teams results that are filtered for their regions of interest.

Advanced options

Advanced options are dependent on the format you choose. You may see the following options: 

  • Send this schedule if: 
    • There are results
    • There are no results
    • There are either results or no results
    • And results changed since last run
  • Limit:
    • Results in Table: Data is sent with a 5,000 row limit. This is the only choice available for emails using the Data Table or Visualization format options. Emails with over 5,000 rows will not be sent.
    • All Results: If you choose Text, CSV, JSON — Simple, XLSX, or HTML formats, you can email all rows from a saved Look. But there's a 15 MB limit to ensure email systems accept the attachment. Emails larger than 15 MB won't be sent. If you pick a Data Table or Visualization format and select "All Results," Looker will switch to a text attachment to allow sending all results.
  • Email options: 
    • Run schedule as recipient: Recipients will receive data as if they loaded the Look. Any access filters and user attributes will be applied. 
    • Include links: Includes a direct link to the Look. Users can only access the link if they can log in to the Reporting Studio. 
  • Format options: 
    • Apply visualization options: Select this if you want your data download to include the visualization settings you've customized in the Look, such as renaming columns or hiding totals. 
    • Formatted data values: Select this if you want to format data to be easier to read. Unselected, you’ll receive unformatted data that can easily be read by other tools. 
  • Timezone: choose a timezone to apply to the delivery time. 

Testing a schedule

Select Send Test at the bottom of the schedule window to send a one-time test delivery only to yourself. A green checkmark appears to confirm a test has been sent.

Editing Look schedules

If schedules already exist on a Look, select the Look’s cog icon and then Schedule to see a list of schedules. Just select the schedule from the list on the left hand side to update it. Hover over a schedule in the list to access the Duplicate or Delete options. Note that you can only view schedules you have created. 

Scheduling from Folders

You're not limited to scheduling from a Look. You can initiate deliveries directly from the folder where a Look is located by selecting the three-dot icon menu to the right of it and selecting Add Schedule...


Managing all schedules

You can view and manage schedules you have configured across all Looks and dashboards in one central place by going to your profile icon in the top right corner and selecting Schedules.

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