Creating alerts for data updates

Alerts are designed to keep you informed about significant data changes. You can configure alerts on any dashboard for report visualization tiles that include at least one numeric measure or table calculation. When active, alerts will email recipients to inform them when a specific condition has been met in your data. For example, if your EUR budget exceeds €100,000.

Creating an Alert

To create an alert for a visualization tile: 

  1. Open a dashboard and do not enter edit mode. 
  2. Locate and hover over the tile you wish to set an alert for and select the bell icon in the top right. 
  3. If you have existing alerts on the tile, select New at the bottom of the Alerts window.

  1. Enter the following details to customize your alert: 
    • Title: Provide a title to identify the alert.
    • Conditions: Specify alert conditions based on the data changes you wish to monitor. Choose a data field to monitor, a condition, and a value. 
    • Where to send it: You can only send alerts via email.
    • Recipients: Enter email addresses that should receive the alert notifications.
    • Frequency: Decide how often the alert will check for data changes. We do not recommend the Minute frequency for the best performance. 
    • Time: Choose the time you want to send the alert.
  2. Select Save Alert to confirm your configurations and activate the alert. 

Each recipient will receive an email with information about the alert and an option to unfollow the alert. If they choose to unfollow the alert, their email address will be removed from the recipient list.

Apply filter edits to alerts

If you've set alerts on your dashboard, turning on Apply filter edits to alerts is recommended. You can find this setting in the dashboard edit mode by selecting Filters in the blue toolbar at the top. With this enabled, you can change the dashboard's filters after setting an alert, and the alert will respond to these new settings. If you don't enable this, the alert will only consider the original filter settings.

For instance, if your dashboard has an alert for when the number of donors in the UK exceeds 500 in a day, and you change the country filter from the UK to the US without enabling this option, the alert will still use the UK settings. But if you enable the option, and then change the filter to the US, the alert will now look for when US donors exceed 500.

Simply put, without this option, your alert won't notice any filter changes you make on the dashboard.

Editing alerts 

To modify an alert, hover over the visualization tile and select the bell icon. If there are alerts already configured for the tile, you’ll see a number indicating the count. Select the three-dot icon next to the alert you want to update and choose Edit Alert. You can also Duplicate an alert for similar use cases. When you've made the required changes, select Save Alert to confirm. 

Managing Alerts

You can view and manage alerts you have configured across all dashboards in one central place by going to your profile icon in the top right corner and selecting Alerts. Here you’ll find a list of alerts with the following details: 

  • Alert Name: Links to more details about the alert, including the report tile, previous alert activity and an option to link an investigative dashboard that can provide more insights. 
  • Dashboard: Links to the dashboard where the alert tile is located. 
  • Owner: The creator of the alert. 
  • Avg Run Time: The time it takes to run the alert. 
  • Condition Met: Indicates if the condition value has been reached. 
  • Frequency: The run frequency of the alert. Recipients receive an email if the condition is met. 
  • Status: Status of the alert. 
  • Unfollow: If you are not the owner, you can unfollow an alert. 
  • Activity: Opens a window to show historical activity of the alert. 
  • The three-dot menu allows you to View, Edit and Disable the alert. 

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