Saving a Look 

A Look is a stand-alone custom report that is saved within your folders, separate from dashboards. It captures all the specific details of your analysis, including filters, visualizations, fields, and sorting preferences. Creating a Look is beneficial for several reasons:

  • When you need the same report across multiple dashboards with consistent filters.
  • When you wish to schedule a single report for automatic delivery to select recipients.
  • When using a report as a foundation to craft similar reports.

Saving your custom report as a Look

After creating a report visualization in Explore or leveraging a Quick Start template, access the three-dot menu and choose Save > As a Look. This action allows you to name and describe your Look, as well as select a save location in your folders.

Important: Directly saving a report visualization to a dashboard, rather than as a Look, means it will only exist in the dashboard and can't be found in your folders. Any modifications will only impact the dashboard version.

Editing your Look 

To modify an existing Look, find it in your folders and open it. Select Edit in the top right corner to tweak the data, filters, or visualization style.

To save your changes, select Save in the upper-right area of the top blue toolbar. You'll be notified of any dashboards that might be affected when you save edits to a Look.

Alternatively, you can also select the cog icon and choose an option from the Save menu to save this version to a dashboard or as a new Look.

Adding a saved Look to a dashboard 

Looks can be added to dashboards as individual tiles and can be featured across various dashboards. Editing a Look will update all dashboard tiles linked to it. 

To add a Look to a dashboard:

  1. Locate the Look in your folders.
  2. Go to the cog in the top right corner and select Save > To an existing dashboard. You have the option to save to a new dashboard as well.
  3. Choose the desired dashboard from your folders. The Look will then be integrated into your dashboard as a new tile.
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