Managing folders

Folders are where you can find reports and dashboards that have been saved by, or shared with, you. You can find your folders at the bottom of the navigation panel on the left. 

  • Folders contains a top-level directory to additional folders.
  • Shared folders contain reports and dashboards that have been shared with you by Benevity, or by your colleagues. Depending on the Benevity products that you use, you’ll have access to a set of essential dashboards that help you manage and gain insights into your programs.
  • My folder is your own space for saving Dashboards and Looks, and where you can create your own hierarchy of folders. 

As you navigate folders, a breadcrumb at the top of the page will help you keep track of your location.

Creating a new folder 

To create a new folder go to Folders > My folder. Select New in the top right corner where you can choose to create a new Folder or Dashboard within your main folder. 

To create a folder within a folder, open the main folder first. Then, create a new folder. This will put the new folder inside the existing one. 

Setting a default folder

You can choose a folder to be the default that is displayed at the top of Folders for easy access.

To set a default folder:

  1. Open the folder you want to make the default.
  2. Select the cog in the top right corner.
  3. Select Set as your default folder.


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