Global Online Giving Organization, Inc.

Global Online Giving Organization, Inc. (GOGO) is a not-for-profit registered in Canada that brings technology, automation and aggregation to donation processing, creating efficiencies and reducing administrative costs.

GOGO’s primary mandate is raising funds for charitable and other nonprofit purposes. GOGO uses Benevity’s online platform to aggregate and disburse grants to eligible organizations and facilitates Benevity’s global sponsorship granting offering.

Information package

Open: Information package

Every information package includes the banking information and organization details that your accounts payable team needs to set up GOGO in their AP system. You’ll also get an example of a Donation Report. Some packages may include supporting documentation specific to the country.

Payment terms

Funds allocated during one month are disbursed by the end of the following month. To ensure funds are delivered to your company’s suggested nonprofits within that time frame, GOGO requires funding by the 15th of each month.

We recommend setting your payment terms to Net 0 or making sure the funds are transferred several days before the 15th. Payments received after the 15th will be delayed and sent in next month’s disbursement cycle. Please account for the impact of any internal approval processes when determining your payee setup.

Your Donation Report’s invoice number must be included in the bank memo/reference field (if your bank provides this option) and also, when sending remittance notifications to Any payment we receive that we can’t associate directly to a Donation Report may result in disbursements being delayed for that month.

Global support for payments with benefits 

Benevity utilizes  GOGO, a funding entity that allows us to disburse grant payments that have an associated benefit and are not tax-effective (as with sponsorship grants). Payments through GOGO do not generate a tax receipt or donation acknowledgement. They can be made in all available currencies, except for ILS, PLN, ZAR and INR. 

Payments without benefits are processed through our foundation partners, following our clients' contracts.

Enabling GOGO for your sponsorships program and other payments with benefits 

If you issue a payment through Benevity Grants or Versaic by Benevity for which you’ll be receiving a benefit in return, e.g., a sponsorship grant, you can now select “Yes, I am receiving a benefit” under the “Grant Benefits” section in the payment form. When you have set up GOGO to pay Donation Reports, these payments will route through GOGO. Consider submitting these payments only when you are confident that you can set up GOGO as a payee.  

This new payment process via GOGO is available on the platform from February 1st for USD grants to U.S. nonprofits. For all other currencies, the new process is available from April 1st, except for ILS, PLN, ZAR and INR.

To ensure your company can continue to process sponsorships through Benevity’s platform, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Acknowledge that you received the updated Software and Service Information (SSI) and are authorized to accept it on behalf of your company via the email you received on Jan. 17. Your acknowledgement will be considered acceptance of the updated SSI. 
  2. If you want to submit payments with benefits through Benevity, you'll need to set up GOGO as an entity in your finance system.
    • The GOGO Donation Report (DR) will be sent to the same distribution list as for UKOGF DRs. To change the distribution list, submit a support request before Feb 15th. 
    • Download the Information package and send it to your Finance team as soon as possible to avoid grant payment delays. 
  3. Determine which entity (corporate foundation, intermediary foundation or corporate entity) is paying for grant payments that have a benefit associated with them and adjust if required. More information about this can be found in the FAQs below.


Below you’ll find some helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if we have a sponsorship grant(s) to be paid in February (March 1 DRs) but can’t get the SSI change approved by Feb. 29? Contact your Client Success Manager and let us know about the approval delay. Benevity will work with you to support your transition as much as possible. You may need to process your February sponsorship grant through your own AP system or delay your grant until GOGO is set up in your systems for payment. 

What happens if we have sponsorship funds to be paid in February (March 1 DRs) but can’t get GOGO set up in time to pay March 1 DRs? You may need to process your February sponsorship grant through your own AP system or delay your grant until GOGO is set up in your systems for payment. You have until February 29th to process payments that are included in March 1st DRs. The Information Package (linked above) has the details your Finance team needs to set up GOGO for payment. If they have questions, contact the support team

If I’m not sure how long it will take for our AP to set up GOGO, should we initiate payments in Benevity Grants/Versaic through Benevity during February? 

Payments made in February using Benevity will go through GOGO. Your company should be ready to pay a GOGO DR in USD by March 15th. If you want these payments on a GOGO DR on March 1st but need more time to prepare, delay submitting them through Benevity until you're sure you can meet the March 15 payment deadline.

Why is the BOW (Benevity One World) routing being changed? Why now? We’re committed to expanding and adjusting our offerings as needed. With GOGO, we're separating the payment process. Payments with benefits that are not tax-effective will go through the nonprofit GOGO, while payments without benefits will follow a different route with our foundation partners. This maintains a separation between funds that are not tax-effective and funds that may be eligible for a tax benefit, which is a critical part of continued compliance for Benevity, our partners and your programs.

What is considered a payment with a benefit? Sponsorships and any donations where the donor receives something in return, e.g., table tickets at a charity event, corporate advertising in exchange for a charitable donation or any other benefit received in exchange for a donation. Note: Scholarships should not be put through the platform if the donor is individually benefitting, e.g., a parent funding a scholarship for which their child is the recipient. If scholarship money is a ‘general’ donation with no expectation of anything in return, it would not be considered as receiving a benefit. 

Will cross-border payments flow through UKOGF? Cross-border payments with a benefit associated will flow through GOGO. Only cross-border payments that do not have a benefit tied to them flow through the UKOGF. Note that GOGO will be available for USD payments starting in February 2024 and other currencies in April 2024. 

What if we have cross-border sponsorship transactions in February? These will flow through BOW until GOGO is launched for cross-border payments, which is expected to be in place for DRs issued on April 1st. In the meantime, you may have BOW Donation Reports per currency (USD to other currency, or for sponsorships transactions in other currencies) as well as a GOGO Donation Report (USD to USD) in March.

Can cross-border payments be made in any currency through GOGO? Yes, effective April 2024 all currencies will be available within the granting platform, except ILS, PLN, ZAR and INR. Any sponsorship transactions in those currencies would need to be routed through your company’s AP system. Funds are disbursed by GOGO to the recipient cause(s) in their local currency (when available). 

Why are the ILS, PLN, ZAR and INR currencies not available through GOGO? The bank accounts used for GOGO do not offer these currencies. You’re still able to make payments without benefits to causes in Israel, Poland, South Africa and India (if applicable to your program). 

We fund our granting program using a corporate foundation and/or intermediary foundation (like Vanguard or Fidelity). Can we continue to do this through GOGO? GOGO is equivalent to a US 501(c)(4)—it is not equivalent to a 501(c)(3) public charity. For this reason, it is not eligible to obtain a 501(c)(3) equivalency determination (ED), which many corporate and intermediary foundations require (as they are 501(c)(3) public charities, private foundations or sponsoring organizations of DAFs). Further, GOGO does not offer expenditure responsibility (ER).

As GOGO funds sponsorship-type grants which contain a benefit to the funder, these may not be supported by your corporate foundation and/or intermediary foundation due to tax laws and regulations. You can choose to pay from your own AP system using your corporate entity. We advise that your corporate foundation does not pay GOGO as this could lead to a significant tax consequence for your foundation. As every foundation may operate differently, we strongly encourage you to seek your own tax advice.

What should we expect when we initiate a payment from Benevity Grants or Versaic by Benevity? If you add a payment to a grant and choose Benevity as your payment method, you’ll see a new Grant benefits question. Select ‘Yes, I am receiving a benefit’ if you are receiving a benefit in return for the payment. The payment will be disbursed by GOGO. If you choose Accounts Payable (Manual) as your payment method, you’ll see the tax eligibility question which provides information for your reporting. 

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