Sharing user profiles on giving opportunities


Users with the role manager or site settings manager user roles can enable the following features. 

Sharing user profiles on giving opportunities

You can allow users to consent to share their profile when donating to a giving opportunity. If shared, their name and profile avatar appear in the "Who's Donating" section of a giving opportunity. The amount a user donated is not shared with their profile. If a user does not consent, they are included in the donation tracker as an anonymous donor.

To enable this option, go to Manage > Site Settings > User Profiles. Enable the Donor Profile Display for Giving Opportunities setting by selecting the checkbox. 

To learn more about the user experience, visit the following articles in the End User Help. You may need to log in to the platform to view them: 

User Profile Preview

To get the most out of Donor Profile Display for Giving Opportunities, make sure that the User Profile Preview administrator setting is also enabled. This feature displays a preview of the user's profile when hovering over an avatar. Selecting the option to View Profile opens the user’s profile, allowing others to read their About me, access their email address and see their initiatives.

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