Sending additional requests

This article describes some of Versaic's core capabilities. Data and actions described may or may not be available to you depending on user permissions. Your platform may also differ based on configurations made to meet your organization's unique needs. Contact your program administrator or Client Success Manager to request feature changes or updates to permissions. 

You can optionally send additional forms to the submitter to complete. These forms are typically specific to your program needs. To release an additional form to the submitter: 

  1. Hover over More Actions > Send Additional Request.
  2. Select the Additional Form and Email Template you want to send with it
  3. Edit the email as needed and select Save - Send Email to activate the additional request form and send the email to the submitter. 

If you are in communication with the Submitter and they are expecting the form to be activated, you may opt to select Save - Send No Email.

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