Declining, Transferring or Converting an application

This article describes some of Versaic's core capabilities. Data and actions described may or may not be available to you depending on user permissions. Your platform may also differ based on configurations made to meet your organization's unique needs. Contact your program administrator or Client Success Manager to request feature changes or updates to permissions. 

When a proposal is submitted, the first step is to confirm if it should proceed to formal review or if it should be declined, transferred to another team, or converted to another application type. 

Declining a Proposal

You may need to decline a proposal if:

  • It is not a good fit and should be declined.
  • It was submitted in error.

To decline an application:

  1. Hover over Decline and select the appropriate email template to send to the applicant. 
  2. Edit the email and select Send & Decline 

The proposal status will change to Declined Manually and the reason will be logged. 

Transferring a Proposal

If an application is in the wrong mailbox, you can transfer it to another team and mailbox for handling. 

To transfer a proposal to another team for handling:

  1. Hover over More Actions and select Transfer.
  2. Choose the Destination Mailbox to route the proposal to.
  3. Select Transfer.

An email can be configured to automatically send to the primary individual of the new mailbox. 

You can transfer proposals at any time, except when there is a paid payment on the proposal.

Converting a Proposal

If a proposal was submitted using the wrong application type, you can convert it to the correct application type. A new proposal is created using the new application questions. 

To convert a proposal:

  1. Hover over More Actions, select Duplicate, then Convert.
  2. Choose the new Template Type.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Select the Mailbox for the new proposal.
  5. Specify the Received date.
  6. Select Original Submitter and Continue.

The new proposal is now using the new template type and any questions that were not in the previous template are not copied over. To complete all questions, you can either Edit or Release for Edit back to the Submitter.

The original proposal is stored for audit/historical purposes. The audit log of both proposals records the conversion, along with the Proposal ID of the converted to/from proposal. 

Follow the above instructions to decline the original proposal. After doing this, we recommend the following:

  1. Change the submitter to yourself so that it is removed from the submitter's account. 
  2. Archive the proposal to remove it from your active queue.
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