Editing submitted proposals

This article describes some of Versaic's core capabilities. Data and actions described may or may not be available to you depending on user permissions. Your platform may also differ based on configurations made to meet your organization's unique needs. Contact your program administrator or Client Success Manager to request feature changes or updates to permissions. 

Submitted applications can be edited at any stage, but it is commonly done during the first review. You may notice missing information, or incorrect details or attachments (e.g. a new W9, lower budget, etc.). There are two ways to edit an application:

  • Edit 
  • Release for Edit 


If you would like to make changes to a proposal directly, without involving the submitter, you can Edit the proposal:

  1. Open a proposal and select Edit in the Proposal tab.
  2. Update the proposal as needed.
  3. Select Save & Close when done.

This is often quicker than asking the submitter to make simple changes. 

Release for Edit

If you want to ask the submitter to update their proposal with major changes, you can Release for Edit to the submitter:

  1. Open a proposal and select Release for Edit in the Proposal tab.
  2. Choose an email template and select Save – Send Email 
  3. Edit the email as needed and select Send.

The proposal status will update to Incomplete. Reminder emails can be configured to send to the submitter automatically until edits are complete. Once the submitter completes their edits, a notification can be configured to send to the user responsible for the Mailbox.    

Release For Edit can be selected on any submitter form, not just the main proposal (e.g. a Final Report). This action can also be revoked by selecting Undo Release For Edit.

Changing the submitter 

There may be cases where you need to update the submitter before you release for edit, or for some other reason. You can see who submitted a proposal in the Created By field in the proposal details. To change the submitter on a proposal to another user:

  1. Open the proposal. 
  2. Select More Actions > Change Submitter.
  3. Enter the new submitter’s last name or email and select Apply
  4. Choose a username from the results and select Set to Selected User.

Reviewing edits in the proposal history

All activity on a proposal is tracked in Review History with the following details:

  • Action
  • User
  • Date 
  • Actor (Client, System, Submitter)
  • Details
  • Previous field data
  • New field data

To view the edits made to a proposal:

  1. Open a proposal and select Review History at the top.
  2. Locate review entries that have the Type - Recording Tab Modified.
  3. Select an entry. Details of the updated fields are displayed at the bottom of the page. 
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