Viewing a dashboard

Dashboards in the Reporting Studio present data using different visualizations and report tables. You can navigate to dashboards from several spaces and you'll find the following features on a dashboard. 

Navigation Breadcrumb

Where am I? Located at the top left, the navigation breadcrumb shows the enclosing folder for the dashboard. Selecting it takes you to the enclosing folder.

Favorite Indicator

Found at the top left, the heart-shaped favorite indicator shows if the dashboard is marked as a favorite. You can mark or unmark the dashboard as a favorite by selecting the heart (solid blue fill indicates a favorite).

Add to Boards icon

Located to the right of the favorite indicator. Select it to open the Add to Boards window. Here, you can add the dashboard to one or more boards. Boards are accessed via the left navigation panel.

Dashboard Filters

Filters appear below the dashboard title and can be expanded or collapsed using the filters icon at the top of the dashboard.

Dashboard Last Updated Indicator

This appears at the top right of the dashboard and shows when the data on the dashboard was last queried or "refreshed" from the database.

Reload Data Icon

Selecting this circular arrow icon updates the data on the dashboard. It becomes an Update option when filters have been changed, added, or removed.

Filters Icon

A three-line icon located to the right of reload data. It allows you to switch the state of the filter bar between collapsed and expanded. When the filter bar is collapsed, an indicator appears next to the filters icon that shows the number of filters applied to the dashboard.

The filters icon, which is a series of horizontal lines arranged to look like a downward pointing triangle.An image of the filter bar with the text '4 filters' next to the filters icon.

Three-Dot Dashboard Menu

The three-dot icon at the top right reveals a menu with the following options:

Show dashboard details

Select Show dashboard details to view the Dashboard Details panel on the right of the dashboard. The details include:

  • Description: A text description of the dashboard.
  • Favorites: The number of users that marked the dashboard as a favorite.
  • Views: The number of times the dashboard has been viewed.
  • Owner: The name of the user that created the dashboard.
  • Created: The date and time at which the dashboard was created.
  • Last updated: The date and time the dashboard was most recently updated.
  • Updated by: The name of the user that most recently updated the dashboard.

Copy dashboard

With access to advanced reporting, you can copy the dashboard and save it to your folders. 


You can download the dashboard to PDF or CSV:

  • PDF prints the dashboard visuals in a PDF document and adds it to your downloads folder.
  • CSV downloads individual .csv files for each dashboard tile to your downloads folder. You can also download only individual tiles directly from the tile three-dot menu. 

Schedule delivery

Learn more about scheduling delivery of dashboards.

Add to a board

Here, you can add the dashboard to one or more boards. Boards are accessed via the left navigation panel.

Get embed URL

An embed URL allows you to preview the dashboard in a new browser window. You can also use this URL to embed the dashboard in an iframe.

To generate and copy a private embed URL for your dashboard: 

  1. Select Get embed URL from the three-dot menu. 
    • You’ll see the Get embed URL window. The Embed URL field shows the full private embed URL.
  2. Choose whether to Include current params in URL, such as filter values, to the dashboard embed URL. If enabled, current parameters are applied when the embedded dashboard is viewed.
  3. Select Copy Link to copy the full embed URL to your clipboard.

If you share an embedded dashboard with others, they must be able to log in to the Reporting Studio in order to view it.

Get link

Selecting Get link reveals a pop-up that contains a link to the dashboard, which can be copied and shared.

By default, the Include current filter values in URL switch is enabled, and the link contains the URL parameters for the filter values as they currently appear on the dashboard. 

If you disable the Include current filter values in URL switch, the dashboard displays default filter values and no cross-filters are applied.

To view the dashboard, anyone with the link must have access to the Reporting Studio.

Reset filters

Select this option to clear all applied filters and return to the default. 

Three-Dot Tile Menu

You can select the three-dot menu on an individual dashboard tile. The following options are available: 

Download data

Learn more about downloading report data


The additional view options are: 

  • Expanded: Opens an enlarged pop-up window containing the dashboard tile. You can select left or right arrows to navigate through dashboard tiles. 
  • Full screen: Opens full-screen view of the dashboard tile. Select the keyboard Escape to exit full-screen mode. 
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