Benevity Grants and Versaic technical support requests

The Client Technical Support team is available to support you on a range of technical inquiries related to Community investment. Below, you'll find common request types that our team can help you with in your day-to-day administrative operations. Please take note of estimated turnaround times, and review our self-serve alternatives that can empower you to find the answers you need right away. 

If you are unable to find an answer, you can submit a request for the below topics through our online B-Hive form. One of our Client Technical Support specialists will review it and respond with the best solution for your needs.

Please note that all changes listed will require the authorization of a Change signatory or Power user role (Versaic only).


General admin requests

Support Request Topic What is it? What Should You Provide? Estimated turnaround time
How To: General Functionality questions How-to questions on functions within the Community investment platform Detailed question of component within the program 2 Business days
User and Role updates Adding, updating or removing users from the system. This may also include changes to the users roles or permissions.  User name, user emails, role and setup details 2+ Business Days

Note: if extensive changes to roles, rules or a large number of users can extend resolution times
Single Sign On (SSO) Support Login errors or concerns while using SSO. 

User name, screenshot of error message, step by step instruction to receiving the error, and if available any logs/certificates in regards to the error message. 

Client IT SSO contact may be required in some requests.

1-5 Business Days
Workflow and system trigger updates Minor configuration changes to current existing workflows and triggers within the system.  Description of existing workflow, update requirements, expected outcome.  2-5 Business Days
Application form updates Adding, updating, and removing questions within an existing application form. This can also include opening and closing existing forms. Identify the application URL, pages number, question(s) to update along with a clear description of changes required with the expected outcome from changes. 
*Please note: extensive changes or a new application form can require additional scoping and possible pricing as an enhancement to the program.
2-5+ Business Days
Site configuration changes Updates to site menus, management interface, and system settings where applicable. This can include translations where available. Identification of setting and detailed description of updates.  2-5 Business Days
Invitations Adding or updating an existing invitation within the system Identify the invitation, cause/grantee and if available grant number.  2-3 Business Days
Email Notification Updates to existing email notifications Identify email to updates, provide full list of changes to email template.  2-3 Business Days

Administrators with reporting permissions

Support Request Topic What is it? What Should You Provide? Estimated turnaround time
Reporting Updates Updates to existing reports or addition of new reports within the system.  Full details description of changes to existing and/or new report.
*Please note: some changes or additional reports can require additional scoping and possible pricing as an enhancement to the program. 
5+ Business Days
Administrators with financial questions
Support Request Topic What is it? What Should You Provide? Estimated turnaround time
Finance support  Questions or problems with a disbursement, cause status or payment. Provide grant number and description of update required 2+ Business Days
Program budget updates Creating, updating or adding a new budget to the system Identify budget and changes to be made. Please clearly indicate sums and currency.
*Please note: We will request conversion amounts of currency if provided currency is not available.  

2-3 Business Days

*Additional fees or enhancement service may apply based on the complexity and volume of additions and changes.
**Note that these are estimated delivery times. Actual delivery may vary based on complexity of request.

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