Prioritize the urgency of your help support requests

We are excited to announce a brand new feature that we have introduced to enhance your experience with our Client Technical Support team. We understand that timely assistance is crucial when you encounter issues or have queries, which is why we have developed a solution that empowers you to prioritize the urgency of your help support requests.

Here's how the new feature works:

  1. When submitting a help support request through the B-Hive, you will now have the option to indicate the urgency level associated with your query.
  2. You can choose from predefined urgency levels, such as "Low," "Medium," "High," or "Urgent" based on the impact of the issue on your operations or the criticality of the question.
    • Low: Selected for requests that don’t demand immediate attention or have specific deadlines. It’s suitable for matters that lack urgency and can be addressed over a longer timeframe.
    • Normal: The default level for most inquiries and updates. If you have a general question or need to make updates, such as altering a program’s parameters, adjusting a budget, making changes to emails, or generating a comprehensive report, this priority fits routine operational requests.
    • High: Use this level when the situation requires swift attention or involves significant importance. For instance, when encountering unforeseen errors within a system or when changes to a program have a specific timeline.
    • Urgent: Reserved for critical scenarios, such as when the system experiences a complete malfunction, encountering errors that affect the entire program’s functionality, or when an impediment arises that halts team operations. This priority signifies the utmost urgency and requires immediate action.
  3. The urgency level you select will provide our team with important information regarding the priority your request deserves, enabling us to allocate resources accordingly.

Benefits of the new feature:

  1. Enhanced response time: By indicating the urgency level, we can prioritize your request appropriately, ensuring faster response times for critical issues.
  2. Streamlined support: With a clear understanding of the urgency, our team can allocate resources efficiently, providing you with a more focused and effective support experience.
  3. Tailored solutions: By knowing the urgency of your request, we can better understand its impact on your operations, allowing us to offer more targeted and customized solutions.

As you may be aware, today you can track all your current and past support activity right within the B-Hive through the My Activities section in the top right of the screen. Here you can review, reply and receive updates from our team as well as review past requests to seek our answers to previous questions.

We will be also leveraging our support data to help drive changes to our forms for future requests submitted through the B-Hive. We want to ensure that the fields you are filling in capture the right details to allow your request to arrive to the person with the knowledge and skills to promptly tackle your request. Please look out for more changes coming to the form soon.


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this new feature or any other aspect of our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team.

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