Adding a banner

Banners are a key focus area on the main dashboard and typically contain an important call to action. Banners draw attention to activities, blogs, groups with a key awareness day/week/month, or any other community news.

Banners can be visible to all members or targeted to specific segmentation groups. Multiple banners can be published at once to different segmentation groups. If you're a program administrator, you may be able to see more than one banner at a time, however, members only see those targeted to them.


Only program administrators can create banners. 

Adding a banner

To manage banners, go to Admin > Create > Banners.

1. Select Create Banner and choose the type of banner you wish to create:

  • YouTube Video with Text: A banner that includes a YouTube video along with text.
  • YouTube Video: A centered YouTube video.
  • Generic Banner (Left Justified or Centre Justified): Text-based banners with a background image and a call to action button. Left or Centre justified refers to the alignment of the call-to-action button.
  • Featured User: Feature the profile photo and a description of a specific community member.
  • Featured Image: Include a featured image on top of a basic background image and include additional content.
  • Tabbed Banner: Draw attention to three separate items/calls to action on one banner with one background image.

2. Complete the following banner details:

  • Banner name: Not visible to community members.
  • Image: Upload a banner image that matches the required dimensions.
  • Overlay Opacity: Designed to make it easier to read text. Move the slider to select opacity.
  • Main Content/Body: Add banner content here.
  • Notes: For internal use only.
  • Show Button: Adds an engaging call to action button on your banner.
  • Banner cannot be dismissed: Ensure that members cannot close the banner from their view. If it can be dismissed, they will not be shown a banner until a new one is published.
  • Program Objective: Assign the banner to a Program Objective to display on the program calendar.
  • Video ID: Only applicable to YouTube videos banner, enter the last portion of a YouTube link.
  • Featured User Alias: Only applicable to a featured user banner.
  • Tab Text & Heading: Only applicable for the tabbed banner type. The text will appear on each tab of the banner.
  • Banner Access Options: Set restrictions as to who can see the banner.

3. Test, schedule and publish your banner. 


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